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ZedaphPlays, known as Zedaph or Zed for short, is a YouTuber and member of Hermitcraft. He joined in Season 5 alongside StressMonster101. He has 105,000 [2]subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Season 5

He joined the server, created Chorus Chaos, and Is That Sheep Looking At Me?

Season 6

Quartz, Warts, & Shorts

Quartz, Warts, & Shorts is the name of ZedaphPlays' shop in the Shopping District. As the name suggested, he sells nether quartz, nether warts, and colourful leather leggings (shorts). It was established in the first week of the season as a means of paying rent to PythonGB while he took residence in his house. The building itself is meant to resemble a giant pair of leather shorts stuffed with quartz and warts. Beneath the building is a nether wart farm only he can access that is used to stock the shop.


Duck!! is ZedaphPlays' mini-game in Hermit Land. It is a free-to-play single-player game where the player must run through a designated course sneaking, crawling, swimming, and bouncing on slime blocks to escape. Players can record their times and write it in a book provided at the finish line, as well as record their best times in a separate book.

Season 7

He lists his contraptions. Here they are:

Number Contraption Episode When Built
#001 Jump Powered Furnace His Episode 1
#002 Zombie Plinko His Episode 3
#003 The Magic Puddle His Episode 6
#004 The Actual Sun & Moon His Episode 9
#005 The Water Closet His Episode 11
#006 Enchant-O-Matic His Episode 13
#007 The Bulky Bubbler His Episode 14
ZedaphPlays's Season 7 Episodes [ View List ]
Thumbnail Title Date Published
1 ZedaphS7E01 Jump Powered Furnace?! 28 February 2020 More info ⟶
2 ZedaphS7E02 The Zombie Hole! 3 March 2020 More info ⟶
3 ZedaphS7E03 Undead Plinko! 8 March 2020 More info ⟶
4 ZedaphS7E04 Ender Dragon Boat Kill?! 13 March 2020 More info ⟶
5 ZedaphS7E05 Head Losses & Build Bosses 22 March 2020 More info ⟶
6 ZedaphS7E06 The Magic Puddle 28 March 2020 More info ⟶
7 ZedaphS7E07 The Dinghy Race!!! 6 April 2020 More info ⟶
8 ZedaphS7E08 Building the SUN Inside!!! 15 April 2020 More info ⟶
9 ZedaphS7E09 Moon Lunacy!!! 28 April 2020 More info ⟶
10 ZedaphS7E10 Beef & Zed Go Boom! 4 May 2020 More info ⟶
11 ZedaphS7E11 The Water Closet!!! 12 May 2020 More info ⟶
12 ZedaphS7E12 YOU OWE ZED!!! 20 May 2020 More info ⟶
13 ZedaphS7E13 Enchant-O-Matic!!! 27 May 2020 More info ⟶
14 ZedaphS7E14 Bubble Storage & Whacky Science!!! 10 June 2020 More info ⟶
15 ZedaphPlaysS7E15thumb Crazy Golfing!!! 19 June 2020 More info ⟶

Outside of Hermitcraft

Other Channels

Zedaph has a secondary channel called ZedaphPlays2, where he posts his livestream archives. He is also part of a joint channel called Kris and Jack, where he posts real-life content such as skits, as well as a podcast called A World Without.


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