XisumaVoid is a YouTuber who joined Hermitcraft in Season 1. He is also the current Admin of the Hermitcraft server. He has two other channels, xisumasays and xisumatwo.

Season 1

His first base was a village. This changed after episode 2 when the seed was reset.

Season 2

Xisuma dug out a sand temple which he made his base, clearing all the sand and sandstone from the area in chunk loading distance. Under the sand temple he had a cave system he created with farms, storage system, and decoration

Season 3

In Episode 350, an April Fool’s prank, he was put into a trance by Evil Xisuma. he has a small village over ground at his base, with a oval going to bedrock full of different farm and requirements for a base.

Season 4

part of the log fellas, had a massive, cool looking guardian farm.

Season 5

Had a massive volcano base, that was surrounded by biomes on the outside. it was never completed.

Season 6

Xisuma has his base in an ocean monument.He built the Tag HQ. He is part of IDEA. Xisuma fought alongside the Hermits in Team Star. He is currently out in Demise, due to Rendog trapping his Speedy Pines raceway, in the game of Demise. He is in the company Idea, a rival to Sahara and Concorp.

Outside of Hermitcraft

He has a series where he busts Minecraft Myths.


  • He is currently one of the only active members on the server to play since Season 1.
    • He is also the only hermit to be part of every season along with joehills.
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