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XisumaVoid, known as Xisuma or X for short, is a YouTuber who joined Hermitcraft in Season 1. He is also the current Admin of the Hermitcraft server since Generikb left. He has two other channels, xisumasays and xisumatwo and has amassed 1,480,000 subscribers.[1]

Season 1

His first base was a village. This changed after his Episode 2 when the seed was reset and all the Hermits had to rebuild. They all built a spawn village where XisumaVoid stayed. Later, he moved to an island far away from the spawn village where he would spend the rest of his Season 1 journey building a lot of farms which other Hermits would use later on. Most of his Season 1 Episodes were of him making community farms for all the other Hermits. He was also part of the team comprising of Biffa2001, Generikb, Hypnotizd and TopMass that defeated the Season 1 Ender Dragon.

XisumaVoid's Season 1 Episodes [ View List ]
Thumbnail Title Date Published
1 Xisuma-S1E1 Building The Portal 24 April 2012 More info ⟶
2 Xisuma-S1E2-- Preperations 27 April 2012 More info ⟶
3 Xisuma-S1E3-- A New World 1 May 2012 More info ⟶
4 Xisuma-S1E4-2 Community Farms 5 May 2012 More info ⟶
5 Xisuma-S1E5-2 Skelly Farm 7 May 2012 More info ⟶
6 Xisuma-S1E6-1 Stackable Melon/Pumpkin Farm 9 May 2012 More info ⟶
7 Xisuma-S1E7-1 Slimes and Warts 15 May 2012 More info ⟶
8 Xisuma-S1E8-1 Tree Farming 18 May 2012 More info ⟶
9 Xisuma-S1E9-1 Animal Pens 20 May 2012 More info ⟶
10 Xisuma-S1E10-1 Building & Biffa 23 May 2012 More info ⟶
11 Xisuma-S1E11 The Bread Maker V2 25 May 2012 More info ⟶
12 Xisuma-S1E12-Thumbnail Apple & Sapling Farm 27 May 2012 More info ⟶
13 Xisuma-S1E13-Thumbnail Dragon Slaying Part 1 - The Unprofessionals 29 May 2012 More info ⟶
14 Xisuma-S1E14-Thumbnail Dragon Slaying Part 2 - The End 31 May 2012 More info ⟶
15 Xisuma-S1E15-Thumbnail Denied Twice 1 June 2012 More info ⟶
16 Xisuma-S1E16-Thumbnail Tidying Up 3 June 2012 More info ⟶
17 Xisuma-S1E17 Leaving Town 5 June 2012 More info ⟶
18 Xisuma-S1E18-Thumbnail A New Beginning 7 June 2012 More info ⟶
19 Xisuma-S1E19-Thumbnail Animal Breeding Pens 10 June 2012 More info ⟶
20 Xisuma-S1E20-Thumbnail Solutions 12 June 2012 More info ⟶
21 Xisuma-S1E21-Thumbnail Mob Spawner Mobavator 14 June 2012 More info ⟶
22 Xisuma-S1E22-Thumbnail A Faster Source Of Wheat 16 June 2012 More info ⟶
23 Xisuma-S1E23-Thumbnail An Epic Dig 20 June 2012 More info ⟶
24 Xisuma-S1E24-Thumbnail Park-Ore 23 June 2012 More info ⟶
25 Xisuma-S1E25-Thumbnail Sean The Sheep 25 June 2012 More info ⟶
26 Xisuma-S1E26-Thumbnail The Search For Redstone 27 June 2012 More info ⟶
27 Xisuma-S1E27-Thumbnail Construction 1 July 2012 More info ⟶

Season 2

Xisuma dug out a sand temple which he made his base, clearing all the sand and sandstone from the area in chunk loading distance. Under the sand temple, he had a cave system he created which included farms, storage system, and decoration.

Season 3

In Episode 350, as an April Fool’s prank, he was put into a trance by Evil Xisuma. He had a small village over ground at his base, with an oval going to bedrock full of different farms and requirements for a base.

Season 4

Xisuma was part of the Log Fellas, and had an amazing guardian farm.

Season 5

Had a massive volcano base, that was surrounded by biomes on the outside, but it was never completed.

Season 6

At the start of the season, XisumaVoid changed his skin to one resembling a Minecraft turtle to go with the new Update Aquatic, earning him the nickname 'Turtle-Suma'.

He had his main base in an ocean monument in the futuristic district. He also built Tower Bay, an area filled with towers holding several different farms, as well as several shops in both the shopping district and Hermitville. He built the Tag HQ, and Undying, a minigame in Hermit Land where the players had to die as quickly as possible in a variety of challenge rooms.

Xisuma fought alongside the Hermits in Team STAR during the Civil War. He died in Demise due to Rendog trapping the Sahara Speedy Pines Raceway while he was racing. He is part of the group/company Idea, a rival to Sahara and ConCorp, along with Keralis and BdoubleO100.

Season 7

Xisuma beat the Ender Dragon in his Episode 3 with TangoTek, becoming the first Hermit to get an Elytra as well. Much like the last season, Xisuma changed his skin to match the most recent update. His skin is known as 'Bee-Suma'.

His first shop on the server was a shop selling bee-related products. Using his land wisely, he then made a Rocks shop. The shop was a major success and got him the diamonds he needed for his next shop, his most notable customer being BdoubleO100. He then partnered with Keralis in creating a concrete shop, buying several llamas from VintageBeef and using them to store concrete while the shop is being constructed. He still uses the llamas to sell concrete at a lower price, which has been a major success, selling all of the concrete featured. He and Keralis have done a lot of work on the interior going for an industrial vibe, and leaving even more room for stuff to be done in the future.

XisumaVoid, his Season 7 skin known as 'Beesuma', based his base his based off of his bee persona. He builds large futuristic towers for his farms but always finds a way to incorporate honey into the build. He always puts a landing bay of the same design over every single one of his farms and towers. He is known to check the Hermitcraft Reddit and has based his portal design after a post he saw there.

Currently with the server wide update of 1.16 XisumaVoid has changed his skin to a strider based skin symbolising the Nether Update. He is also going by the name ‘Stridesuma’ and has told that he may never return to his Bee skin for the rest of Season 7

XisumaVoid's Season 7 Episodes [ View List ]
Thumbnail Title Date Published
1 XisumaS7E1 Season Seven With Beesuma! 1 March 2020 More info ⟶
2 XisumaS7E2 Easy Bee Nest Farm! 1 March 2020 More info ⟶
3 XisumaS7E3 Trading Our Way To The End! 1 March 2020 More info ⟶
4 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 4|Video Thumbnail]] Villagers, Shulkers & Withers! 5 March 2020 More info ⟶
5 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 5|Video Thumbnail]] The Wither Bee! 7 March 2020 More info ⟶
6 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 6|Video Thumbnail]] My Base Plans Revealed! 9 March 2020 More info ⟶
7 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 7|Video Thumbnail]] The Honey Pot Shop! 12 March 2020 More info ⟶
8 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 8|Video Thumbnail]] Mapping Out The Master Plan! 14 March 2020 More info ⟶
9 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 9|Video Thumbnail]] Epic Scale Construction! 16 March 2020 More info ⟶
10 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 10|Video Thumbnail]] The Ghastly Ways Of Quartz 19 March 2020 More info ⟶
11 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 11|Video Thumbnail]] Beeralis & The Wolves! 21 March 2020 More info ⟶
12 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 12|Video Thumbnail]] The Bee Breeder! 23 March 2020 More info ⟶
13 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 13|Video Thumbnail]] Deals, Raids & Squids! 26 March 2020 More info ⟶
14 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 14|Video Thumbnail]] Blow It Up! 28 March 2020 More info ⟶
15 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 15|Video Thumbnail]] I've Got All The Diamonds! 30 March 2020 More info ⟶
16 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 16|Video Thumbnail]] Batmageddon & Podium Expansion 2 April 2020 More info ⟶
17 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 17|Video Thumbnail]] Who Got A Golden Ticket? 5 April 2020 More info ⟶
18 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 18|Video Thumbnail]] Stacks Upon Stacks Upon Stacks! 7 April 2020 More info ⟶
19 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 19|Video Thumbnail]] Powered By Honey Crystal! 10 April 2020 More info ⟶
20 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 20|Video Thumbnail]] Double Trouble In The Cowmercial District! 12 April 2020 More info ⟶
21 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 21|Video Thumbnail]] A Whole Lot Of Concrete! 16 April 2020 More info ⟶
22 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 22|Video Thumbnail]] Loads Of Llamas! 18 April 2020 More info ⟶
23 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 23|Video Thumbnail]] Adding A Splash Of Colour! 20 April 2020 More info ⟶
24 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 24|Video Thumbnail]] Burn The Witch! 23 April 2020 More info ⟶
25 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 25|Video Thumbnail]] A Blazing Belt Upgrade! 25 April 2020 More info ⟶
26 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 26|Video Thumbnail]] More Belt Shenanigans & Industrial Expansion! 27 April 2020 More info ⟶
27 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 27|Video Thumbnail]] One Belt, Two Towers! 1 May 2020 More info ⟶
28 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 28|Video Thumbnail]] Who Got The Tag Now? 4 May 2020 More info ⟶
29 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 29|Video Thumbnail]] Massive Portal & Kelp Smelting Battery! 7 May 2020 More info ⟶
30 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 30|Video Thumbnail]] The Mumbo For Mayor Interview! 9 May 2020 More info ⟶
31 Xisumavoid Season 7 Ep 31 Thumbnail Concrete Profits & Turtle Power Portal Protection 11 May 2020 More info ⟶
32 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 32|Video Thumbnail]] Secret Bamboo Farm & New Tower! 14 May 2020 More info ⟶
33 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 33|Video Thumbnail]] The Rainbow Room & Dogcatcher Interview 16 May 2020 More info ⟶
34 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 34|Video Thumbnail]] The Ultimate Smelter & Scar For Mayor! 18 May 2020 More info ⟶
35 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 35|Video Thumbnail]] Wandering Trader Loot & Majestic Castle 22 May 2020 More info ⟶
36 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 36|Video Thumbnail]] Capture, Design, Rebuild & Finish 25 May 2020 More info ⟶
37 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 37|Video Thumbnail]] Connecting Neighbors! 28 May 2020 More info ⟶
38 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 38|Video Thumbnail]] Questions For Grumbot! 1 June 2020 More info ⟶
39 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 39|Video Thumbnail]] Tag 2 Electric Boogaloo - The Big Finale! 3 June 2020 More info ⟶
40 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 40|Video Thumbnail]] Priority One - New Storage Tower! 8 June 2020 More info ⟶
41 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 41|Video Thumbnail]] Slime Head Extraction! 12 June 2020 More info ⟶
42 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 42|Video Thumbnail]] Farming Overload! 15 June 2020 More info ⟶
43 XisumaVoidS7E43thumb Third Time's The Charm (Finishing The Area) 19 June 2020 More info ⟶
44 [[File:|150px|link=XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 44|Video Thumbnail]] Preparing For 1.16 With Turtles! 22 June 2020 More info ⟶

Outside of Hermitcraft

Xisuma has a series called Minecraft Myth Busting, where he tests common myths about the game (such as torches on blocks preventing slimes from spawning). He is also known as Mr Snapshot because every time a new snapshot is released, he makes a video on it. As a result, his Minecraft skin always has some aspect relating to the most recent Minecraft release (currently a strider head for 1.16).


  • He is currently one of the only active members on the server to play since Season 1.
    • He is also the only hermit to be part of every season along with JoeHills.
    • He is one of the only hermits not to have revealed his face.
  • He has been the sole admin of Hermitcraft server since Season 2 after Generikb left the server on Season 1.
  • He counts his episodes regardless of the season, so his Season 7: Episode 29 would be called Episode 910.
  • He has been known for stating that Hypnotizd has been an amazing addition to the server and makes it feel much more complete.
  • He was thought to be the second oldest hermit after TinFoilChef before it was revealed that he is actually 7 years younger than BdoubleO100.
  • He, EthosLab, and xBCrafted are the only Hermits to have not revealed their faces.
  • Many Hermits have difficulty pronouncing XisumaVoid's name. Grian pronounced it 'EKS-eye-SOO-muh-void', and Keralis called him 'ShashwammyVoid'.

Minecraft skins



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