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Welsknight, known for short as Wels, is a Hermit who joined in Season 4. He is an active Hermit. He has 550,000 subscribers. [1]

Season 4

Welsknight joined in Season 4 with four members of the former Kingdomcraft server: GoodTimesWithScar, Iskall85, Cubfan135 and Rendog. He built one of the first Mesa houses, which he would later change the palette of, based on many of his former medieval houses. Welsknight's main base was a dwarven underground kingdom, which he built close to the mesa while continuing to develop projects in the various districts. He built a pathway between the Dwarven base and the mesa, which he dotted with several build projects. He played the prosecuting attorney during the Logfellas trial, after having taken arms against the Logfellas in secret as a member of "The Saints". Later on in the season, Welsknight collaborated with JoeHills in attempts to link their two bases together. Welsknight only stayed inactive once during the season, when he was on deployment to Iraq in the military.

Season 5

Welsknight's major base project in Season 5 was a castle, intended to be as realistic as possible while still looking stylistically good. He created the castle keep and a sprawling village around it, as well as a cathedral that was later pranked by ConVex, which he decided to keep. Wels formed an alliance with Biffa2001 to create "the OHO," an organization dedicated to fighting the NHO but entirely separate from La Revolution. The OHO built a Nether base next to the NHO's portal. Most of his work in this season had to do with the castle, which he finished to a good enough point but got tired of near the end of the season.

Season 6

Welsknight's projects in Season 6 were focused around different districts, most notably in the medieval and industrial districts. Welsknight put his main base in a factory in the industrial district, but also built a post office and suburban house in the modern district and made several buildings in the medieval district, most notably the train station. Wels also built the first attempt at the Nether Hub before it was replaced. He was on Team STAR during the Prank/Civil War and, after a period of inactivity, began work on a manor in Hermitville. After a long hiatus, he returned to Season 6, where Cubfan135 brought him to the new world in Season 7.

Season 7

Screenshot 2020-05-23 at 2.51.12 AM

Welsknight took a hiatus from Hermitcraft, or rather, Minecraft itself, after claiming to be "burned out". He spent over half a year playing other games, such as Hollow Knight and Horizon Zero Dawn, before returning to Hermitcraft on May 21, 2020. In MumboJumbo's episode 23, he was apparently active on the server as he slept in a bed at 12:43, and he logged in at 10:05 on FalseSymmetry's Season 7: Episode 25. He was also seen logging in on XisumaVoid's most recent video.

On May 21, 2020, Welsknight uploaded a video called "Soon." . This video had the Hermitcraft logo at the end, confirming that he was coming back. He also had a private video part of a playlist called "Hermitcraft 7" and his Season 7: Episode 1 premiered on May 23, 2020. In the episode, he made his starter base, a massive build which used a lot of sandstone, bone blocks, terracotta, and magenta concrete. He also exploited the shop system and got full diamond gear and enchants for only about 15 diamonds and a couple of redstone blocks.

Welsknight visited Vintagebeef in episode 7 , he had heard of VintageBeef's cloning machine, stating that it would be useful to have a clone to get caught up with the rest of the hermits' progress. Due partially to him holding blaze rods instead of end rods, the cloning didn't seem to work at first. Later in the video, glimpses of a new person could be seen in the background, stalking Welsknight. During a timelapse, a dark version of Welsknight made a pitfall trap, and when he returned, Welsknight found a chest offering "free wheat for your cows." It activated the pitfall trap, where the dark version of himself, who called himself "Helsknight", revealed himself and started mocking Welsknight. This escalated quickly into a rap battle, where Welsknight escaped the hole, confronts Helsknight, and eventually attacks Helsknight with his sword. Helsknight retreated into the nether, saying "This isn't over." 

Welsknight's Season 7 Episodes [ View List ]
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8 Wels Se7Ep8 Storage Room & Netherite! June 23, 2020 More info ⟶
9 Wels Se7Ep9 I Lost EVERYTHING! July 15, 2020 More info ⟶
10 Wels Se7Ep10 WelsMart & The Hedge Games July 30, 2020 More info ⟶
11 Wels Se7Ep11 Mob Farm & Minigolf! August 27, 2020 More info ⟶

Outside Hermitcraft

As a Creator

Welsknight has done many single-player series on Minecraft, starting with two seasons that lasted around 50 episodes each. He followed this with Welsknight's Realm, which was eventually replaced with his Kingdoms world. Kingdoms has had two seasons, both in the same Minecraft world. Welsknight is also known for his modded content, creating many modded series that usually last from around 20-50 episodes. Most notably are his series on modpacks he created, such as DesignTech, Expedition and Nature's Beauty.

In Real Life

Welsknight is a Wisconsin native, but moved to Tennessee later in life with his wife, known on YouTube as "Mrs. Welsknight". He was enlisted in the United States Army for 11 years as a paralegal and court reporter, but later switched to doing YouTube full-time after his contract was up. He often uses the music of a local Wisconsin artist named Clay Riness, whom he describes as a family friend, due to having prior problems with royalty-free music being copyrighted by other companies. He recently got a dog named Remi.

Minecraft Skins

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