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VintageBeef, or simply Beef, is a Hermit who joined partway through Season 4. He formed the NHO with Docm77, EthosLab, and BdoubleO100 in Season 5. He and Keralis (along with former Hermit Sl1pg8r and Mindcracker PauseUnpause) also form the Pojkband. He and EthosLab are two thirds of Team Canada, with PauseUnpause as the third member. VintageBeef participated in Hardcore Hermits Season 2, Hermit Quest, Hermit Quest: Rifts, Hermit Wars, and Foolcraft Season 2 and has amassed 1,490,000 subscribers.[1]

He is the creator of the mining game ABBA Rules Caving.

Season 4

VintageBeef joined Hermitcraft halfway through Season 4. VintageBeef had a Martian base, with the idea from the movie The Martian. He had a small prank fight with Iskall85 over diorite.

Season 5

VintageBeef forms the NHO with Docm77, EthosLab, and BdoubleO100 in the very first episode. The four of them set up base in the jungle. Halfway through the course of Season 5, VintageBeef built a castle in the jungle he decorated and built for a few episodes.

Season 7

VintageBeef joined the new season on the starter island alongside the other Hermits. From there, he set up his base beside a desert village. He quickly began renovation on the village and started construction on his base, the Hacienda. Early in the season, he began leaving small pranks at several of the Hermits' bases: he built a goat head at Docm77's mansion, a Woody Woodpecker statue at Iskall85's Omega Tree, and left a llama at EthosLab's Monstrosity.

VintageBeef fears Keralis's large industrial harbour is encroaching on his territory, making an unfavourable impression for his tourists, and "discovered" a sea turtle nesting area in the sandy strip between their bases. He declared it a protected nature area.


VintageBeef's first shop of the season was The Bone Zone!, a minigame and sheep product shop. It is the first minigame of Season 7. He also has a llama shop named The Spitz and a music shop named Beefy Tunes, which sells album cover art and custom grand pianos. He and EthosLab went into partnership on a small custom-music store, Little Etho's Little Music Box.

VintageBeef's Season 7 Episodes [ View List ]
Thumbnail Title Date Published
[[File:|150px|link=VintageBeef's Season 7: Episode 1|Video Thumbnail]] [[|More info ⟶]]
[[File:|150px|link=VintageBeef's Season 7: Episode 2|Video Thumbnail]] [[|More info ⟶]]
[[File:|150px|link=VintageBeef's Season 7: Episode 4|Video Thumbnail]] [[|More info ⟶]]
[[File:|150px|link=VintageBeef's Season 7: Episode 3|Video Thumbnail]] [[|More info ⟶]]
5 [[File:|150px|link=VintageBeef's Season 7: Episode 5|Video Thumbnail]] The Bone Zone! 8 March 2020 More info ⟶
6 Hermitcraft 7 vintagebeef i need more diamonds I Need More Diamonds! 10 March 2020 More info ⟶
7 [[File:|150px|link=VintageBeef's Season 7: Episode 7|Video Thumbnail]] Town Building And Abba Caving! 12 March 2020 More info ⟶
8 [[File:|150px|link=VintageBeef's Season 7: Episode 8|Video Thumbnail]] Important Things Will Happen Here! 14 March 2020 More info ⟶
9 [[File:|150px|link=VintageBeef's Season 7: Episode 9|Video Thumbnail]] Was It Worth It?! 17 March 2020 More info ⟶
10 [[File:|150px|link=VintageBeef's Season 7: Episode 10|Video Thumbnail]] Adventure With Friends! 19 March 2020 More info ⟶
11 [[File:|150px|link=VintageBeef's Season 7: Episode 11|Video Thumbnail]] Making Deals! 21 March 2020 More info ⟶
12 [[File:|150px|link=VintageBeef's Season 7: Episode 12|Video Thumbnail]] Building A Friend For A Friend! 23 March 2020 More info ⟶
13 [[File:|150px|link=VintageBeef's Season 7: Episode 13|Video Thumbnail]] Beef's Wholesale House?! 26 March 2020 More info ⟶
14 [[File:|150px|link=VintageBeef's Season 7: Episode 14|Video Thumbnail]] Town Hospital Brings Life! 28 March 2020 More info ⟶
15 [[File:|150px|link=VintageBeef's Season 7: Episode 15|Video Thumbnail]] A BETTER Search Engine! 31 March 2020 More info ⟶
16 [[File:|150px|link=VintageBeef's Season 7: Episode 16|Video Thumbnail]] My Biggest Redstone Build! 4 April 2020 More info ⟶
17 [[File:|150px|link=VintageBeef's Season 7: Episode 17|Video Thumbnail]] Kitchen, Woody, And Sanctuary! 8 April 2020 More info ⟶
18 [[File:|150px|link=VintageBeef's Season 7: Episode 18|Video Thumbnail]] I Should NOT Have Done That... 11 April 2020 More info ⟶
19 [[File:|150px|link=VintageBeef's Season 7: Episode 19|Video Thumbnail]] Market Stalls And Fishing Boat Build! 15 April 2020 More info ⟶
20 Vintagebeef making deals and build contests Making Deals And Build Contest! 18 April 2020 More info ⟶
21 [[File:|150px|link=VintageBeef's Season 7: Episode 21|Video Thumbnail]] A Legend Is Born! 25 April 2020 More info ⟶
22 [[File:|150px|link=VintageBeef's Season 7: Episode 22|Video Thumbnail]] My New Money Maker?! 29 April 2020 More info ⟶
23 [[File:|150px|link=VintageBeef's Season 7: Episode 23|Video Thumbnail]] Something Isn't Right! 2 May 2020 More info ⟶
24 [[File:|150px|link=VintageBeef's Season 7: Episode 24|Video Thumbnail]] Revolutionizing The Game! 6 May 2020 More info ⟶
25 [[File:|150px|link=VintageBeef's Season 7: Episode 25|Video Thumbnail]] A New Look And A Messy Mistake! 9 May 2020 More info ⟶
26 [[File:|150px|link=VintageBeef's Season 7: Episode 26|Video Thumbnail]] Backyard Oasis! 13 May 2020 More info ⟶
27 [[File:|150px|link=VintageBeef's Season 7: Episode 27|Video Thumbnail]] It's Done! 16 May 2020 More info ⟶
28 [[File:|150px|link=VintageBeef's Season 7: Episode 28|Video Thumbnail]] Little Etho's Little Music Box! 20 May 2020 More info ⟶
29 [[File:|150px|link=VintageBeef's Season 7: Episode 29|Video Thumbnail]] Need More Sales! 23 May 2020 More info ⟶
30 [[File:|150px|link=VintageBeef's Season 7: Episode 30|Video Thumbnail]] NOT A Secret Lair! 27 May 2020 More info ⟶
31 [[File:|150px|link=VintageBeef's Season 7: Episode 31|Video Thumbnail]] Shopping District Day! 30 May 2020 More info ⟶
32 [[File:|150px|link=VintageBeef's Season 7: Episode 32|Video Thumbnail]] This One Has It All! 6 June 2020 More info ⟶
33 [[File:|150px|link=VintageBeef's Season 7: Episode 33|Video Thumbnail]] Duplication Device! 10 June 2020 More info ⟶
34 [[File:|150px|link=VintageBeef's Season 7: Episode 34|Video Thumbnail]] New Instrument For Sale! 13 June 2020 More info ⟶
35 VintageBeefS7E35thumb Howdy Neighbour! 17 June 2020 More info ⟶
36 VintageBeefS7E36thumb New Map AND New Shop! 20 June 2020 More info ⟶


  • He once worked in a butcher shop, the inspiration behind his Minecraft skin and username.
  • His butcher skin was created by subscriber Blae000, as a submission to the VintageBeef Skin Contest in 2011.
  • He also formerly worked as a photographer, mostly photographing cars.
  • He has an English Bulldog, Bubba, a French Bulldog, Daisy, and a cat, Sage.
  • He enjoys collecting and restoring old cars.
  • With his wife, Kristin, he runs a YouTube channel called House Into Home, where he uploads videos of their process of renovating their new 70's tutor style home.
  • He is infamous for having a terrible sense of direction in Minecraft.


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