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The location of the valley of Tatooren

The Valley of Tatooren is Rendog's Season 7, Star Wars themed base. It is located in the badlands south of the shopping district, near Stressmonster101's base. Rendog has held a Star Wars storyline since the start of the season, and began the Valley of Tatooren shortly after the destruction of Loser Island.


Tatooine House

This house is the main part of Rendog's base. It houses all the key essentials for Minecraft, such as a bed, storage and nether portal. It serves as a de facto second starter base. It also houses a communications area where RenDog receives messages from the Renpire about what to do next.

Tie Fighter Hangar

Largely built on stream, one of the most notable aspects of the valley of Tatooren is the large hangar for a TIE Advanced x1 fighter dug into the ground. With help from Grian, Rendog successfully constructed a accurate recreation of a TIE Advanced, using plans allegedly received from the Renpire.

Sand Crawler

In order to gather sufficient concrete for Darth Vader's fortress, Rendog had to build a MumboJumbo designed concrete converter. It is housed inside a sand crawler on a cliff overlooking the valley. After several redesigns, the concrete converter is now operational.

Darth Vader's Fortress


The main feature in the valley is the massive Darth Vader fortress towering over the Valley of Tatooren as well as the nearby jungle. It sits on a massive biome of blackstone, all placed by hand to replicate the volcanic terrain of Mustafar, featured in the Star Wars films. Currently only the exterior is complete and there is nothing inside the fortress.

Nether Base

The nether hub that the valley links to is also Star Wars themed, and currently unfinished. It is planned to be a replica of a Sith temple.


All the trees have been removed from the Valley's plateaus, and all of the red sand has been replaced with white, because Rendog belived that the red sand looked odd with the regular sandstone buildings.


Its name is a pun on Tatooine and Rendog.

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