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  • I live in CEST

Hi there!

I am a student still studying, with an interest in Minecraft and code. I also love photography, videography and anything media related. I have several projects at once, media & school-related so I'll be on and off with this wiki. I took this wiki in 2016 from an inactive member and started adding stuff to it, code-wise. Back then I was a fan of Scar and The Logfellas, but I lost interest in Minecraft and Hermitcraft. I still do not have a high interest in Hermitcraft but I've decided to come back to help the wiki with my Coding knowledge.

What will I be doing?

I'll mainly be making sure that the information on articles is presented easily to the articles and easily editable. I'll make sure that templates work properly and maybe even create new templates to make the display of information better. Things I would like to achieve:

  • Redesign the homepage
  • Improve current templates
  • Add new templates

You can visit my sandbox to see what I'm working on: Visit Darren's Sandbox

Discord: drn.csr#3725

Some things I am proud of!

My most favourite thing I did on Wikipedia is a template, in fact, a collection of templates. It is the Template:Social

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