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Town Hall

The Town Hall is a build collaboration between BdoubleO100, GoodTimesWithScar, and Grian set on a hill overlooking the Season 7 Shopping District. The project took approximately 6 hours for them to finish. Below the steps of the Town Hall is the main nether portal for the Shopping District. The Diamond Throne sits in the atrium. The front portico and balcony provide a panoramic overlook of the Shopping District.

Campaign for Mayor

For more details see The Mayor Election

First presented in Grian's Season 7: Episode 18, the mayor would be assigned the job of creating roads, the diamonds, settling land disputes, etc. This lead to a server-wide election event, with headquarters being made by the campaigning candidates, and later maps advertising specific Hermits for mayor. Some Hermits running for mayor had a campaign manager. On 23 June 2020, the Hermits voted for GoodTimesWithScar to serve as mayor of the shopping district.


The Diamond Throne


The Diamond Throne is the new home of the Shopping District's plot payments. As quoted by Grian, it is 'the seat of power on the server'. Cyan carpets lead the way from the entrance to the crystal chair. Light from the sun shines onto the throne, increasing its appearance of authority. The spending of the diamonds is controlled by the elected mayor.

Staff Offices

The upper floor of the Town Hall has offices for additional town staff. BdoubleO100, GoodTimesWithScar's campaign manager, has an office decorated with a miniature replica of the Diamond Throne and a bust of himself. JoeHills, as the elected Dogcatcher, has an office containing a desk, a "green screen" banner for videoconferencing, and a wall sculpture depicting lava being poured on diamond ore. The Dog Sighting Report Kiosk, originally placed in one of the voting booths, now resides in the hallway outside JoeHills's office.

Road Access Pass

The current Mayor of the Shopping District, GoodTimesWithScar, requires shop owners to pay one diamond block in the Town Hall to be allowed access to the road network once they have been built in front of their shop. The shop owners that have not yet paid for road access will have their shops barricaded.

Mayor Campaign Advertising Maps

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