TopMass was a Male Hermit who joined the server during Season 1. His first video was released on May 22, 2012.

Season 1

TopMass was one of the members of the team that defeated the Season 1 Ender Dragon. The team comprised of him, Biffa2001, Generikb, Hypnotizd, and XisumaVoid, but due to he having to visit his dad, TopMass could not kill the Ender Dragon with the others yet helped obtain blaze rods for the eyes of ender needed.

Season 2

TopMass started a base a few hundred blocks away from old Hermiton in a mountain biome. He built a modern style house using the new hardened clay blocks. During this time, he participated in a prank on IAmSp00n's Temple of Sp00n. Where he, alongside JoeHills, King_Happy, Pungence, Skyzm, ZombieCleo, and Aureylian replaced the spoon with a giant fork.

Joenagee, one of the Pixelnerds, would also regularly appear in TopMass's videos on the server at one point they build a blaze statue in TopMass's storage room called Billy The Blaze.

TopMass also was the proud owner of his horse, SHADOWFAX.GOV, who would feature in the majority of his videos before tragically dying in Episode 20 when the horse stables were set ablaze.

For the majority of the season, TopMass worked on the second Gentleman's Club in the basement of his house.

In November 2013, the server updated to 1.7 and New Hermiton was created. Topmass (with the help of KingDaddyDMAC) built a medieval style house there. Despite the recent move to New Hermiton, Topmass was burnt out on Vanilla Minecraft and was predominantly playing on the Hermitcraft Modsauce server. As a result Topmass concluded his time on the Season 2 server in December 2013.

Season 3

TopMass would make his return to the vanilla Hermitcraft server when Season 3 launched in October 2014. He initially set out to find the Hermit Hills area where the Hermits had agreed to set up. This trek included several funny moments with Sl1pG8r, XisumaVoid, Hypnotizd, and xBCrafted.

TopMass set up in a mountain in the Hermit Hills area and made a Hobbit Hole base. He would also create a minigame called Lucky Break in the Hermit Thrills minigame district. However, TopMass would stop uploading content from the Season 3 server after March 2015, only making one of return in October 2015 where he played minigames with xBCrafted. This would be TopMass's final appearance on the vanilla server and by 2016, TopMass had officially left Hermitcraft, instead focusing on his music career.



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