The Season 6 Prank War was a series of pranks in late November/December that led to a server-wide prank war between two teams.  The teams are:

Stage 1: EscalationEdit

Grian and Iskall Prank AFK MumboEdit

Chest of stuff

Chest of stuff left in Mumbo's obsidian cage by Grian and Iskall

In Episode _, Mumbo dies while AFK and loses all his items, including the Riptide trident he got earlier in the season from a drowned. Grian gives him a new trident. However, unable to pass up a good prank, he recruits Iskall to surround an AFK Mumbo with an obsidian cage, forcing Mumbo to break out using his fists.

Mumbo trials Grian and IskallEdit


The "present" left by Mumbo in Iskall's base.

In retaliation, Mumbo pranks Grian and Iskall with a "trial." He gifts them items in shulker boxes, and surrounds them with obsidian which he states must be broken without a pickaxe. The idea is to force them to punch the obsidian, much like Mumbo had to when he was boxed up. Grian circumvents this by using pistons to break the shulker boxes, but Iskall cheats by using a pickaxe. It is believed that Mumbo gave Iskall a shulker of diorite as punishment.

The Chicken in the Grian CostumeEdit

Iskall uses the diorite gifted to him to prank False. He builds a large chicken in a Grian costume on top of her base (referring to Grian's alter ego, Poultry Man), and uses the diorite to replicate birdpoop dripping down the roof. He labels the prank as if it was an art piece, and signs it "by Iskall85".

However, passing by, Cleo sees the sign and, sensing an opportunity for chaos, changes it to blame Ren instead.

The Grand Central Station RollercoasterEdit

False uses her "Grian will help you with any prank card", which she won from the Grian Headhunt challenge, to get Grian to help her prank Ren for revenge. Together, they build a massive rollercoaster over Ren's Grand Central Station, which ends with the victim falling into an obsidian pit and being killed by lava. However, after they have completed the coaster, they discover that Iskall was the true culprit behind the base defacement. As a last-minute attempt to get back at him, they write a sign in a terrible fake Swedish accent blaming Iskall for the prank.

The Queen Mary Ghost ShipEdit

Ren rides the coaster and dies, though he had the foresight to remove his items before so little was lost.

In retaliation, he recruits Doc and Impulse to prank Cleo because she was the real culprit behind Ren's prank. Together, they build a massive ghost ship next to her pirate ship, which when an item is released from an item frame, drops the victim down into a pit with poison potions and zombies dressed like Ren, Doc and Impulse. 

However, a mystery person (revealed at the end of the War to be Iskall) changes the signs to target Grian. He falls for the prank and dies, unaware that the prank was not aimed at him.

The Red Velvet CakeEdit

Ren and False, realising Iskall has yet to be punished for his chicken, prank Iskall by building a cake over his desert castle made of solid netherrack and the diorite from the chicken prank.

Iskall later recruits Grian's TNT services to detonate the cake, and his castle beneath it.

The HeistEdit

Grian, still believing Doc and Ren deliberately killed him for helping False and unaware that Impulse was involved, plans a prank on the Stock Exchange, and recruits Tango to help him. The two of them, dressed as False and Mumbo-dressed-as-Grian rob the Stock Exchange's vault and replace all the diamonds with Grian and Tango player heads. As a final touch, they add Grian heads to the armour stands on Doc's precious bush.

The Hall of AtonementEdit

Realising Impulse went unpunished by the Heist, Cleo recruits Joe, and Jevin to prank him for intending to kill her. Together, they build "The Hall of Atonement", a hall filled with signs and armor-stand diagrams designed to 'educate' him, with messages such as "Don't murder people", "Don't raise spirits from the dead", and similar, and equips him with armour with Curse of Binding.

Grian, who just met with Cleo to confirm her lack of involvement in changing the signs on the ghost ship, looks through their prank and adds lava at the end to kill him, with her support.

Don't Kill People, GrianEdit

Joe, (sarcastically?) disappointed in Grian for adding a murder element to their don't-murder-people prank, removes the lava before Impulse dies, and pranks Grian. He leaves a lengthy monologue at Grian's base comprised of famous quotes about war modified to reference prank war, and adds lava flowing to the sides of his base.

Joe and Grian then meet, to discuss the prank. Joe uses a Grian I.O.U note, gifted by Grian several months ago, to avoid retaliation, and they cement an alliance. 

Explosive RocketsEdit

Doc, alongside with his greatest investors Xisuma and Wels, retaliate against Tango for the heist by replacing all the rockets in Tek to the Skies with explosive rockets, and launching a sale to lure customers in. 

Tango discovers the sale, and decides to keep it, though he replaces the rockets with regular rockets again.

Kidnapping SallyEdit

As well as pranking Tango, Doc, Xisuma and Wels prank Grian for the heist by kidnapping Sally the Chicken, who was liberated from Stress' shop by Poultry Man. They place her in a trapped dungeon beneath the ground.

Iskall and Stress, before Grian or Poultry Man even realises Sally is gone, stage a rescue. During this rescue, Sally accidentally dies to a pufferfish, but they replace her with an identical chicken. 

Grian (and Poultry Man) accept their assistance, and together, they make a chart of their 'Allies' and 'Enemies', which become the official teams in the war.

Stage 2: CeasefireEdit

Both teams meet to solidify their alliance, make plans for bases, and name their teams.

Grian, Iskall, Stress, Cleo, Joe, Tango and Jevin name their team the G-Team because according to Grian, "all our names have G in them". They also place a small flag down. 

Doc, Xisuma, Impulse, False and Wels crowdsource their name from Reddit and start making the layout for a large fort. The team's name becomes Team Star.

Just before Christmas, the two teams meet at a white flag to agree on rules and a ceasefire until New Years Day, which gives them time to build their bases, plan traps and stockpile resources. This ceasefire lasts until January 18.

They then begin to build their bases. Some have said that the G-Team's base looks like a water filter while Team Star's looks like a stone turtle.

Stage 3: The WarEdit

The Battle of White FlagEdit

On January 18, both teams meet to take down the flag representing the ceasefire. Upon seeing that neither team really wants to take down the flag, Cubfan, from atop his drone, drops TNT to destroy the flag. The explosions kill Mumbo, Tango, and Wels. Both teams then retreat to their bases to discuss battle plans. A war breaks out, and all is insanity. G-Team launches their Super Weapon, zombies with player heads, right into S.T.A.R's base. In the end, there is no winner.


X found a way into G-Team's base that no one had thought of: the way the zombies got past S.T.A.R's walls. False, Docm, Xisuma, and Mumbo sneak in through the path, but Mumbo almost blows his cover as a double agent for Team G and cries BANANAS, the codeword for "Incoming attack!"

Grian assembles Iskall and they hide as armour stands (along with an armourless Stress and her wolves), and when S.T.A.R appears, they attack. Ending in a grand victory.

Stage 4: Capture the FlagEdit

On January 29, Grian declares a game of Capture the Flag to end the war. Each team is given 3 flags to hide in their base for the opposition to obtain. Whoever loses all 3 flags first loses, and the war is immediately over. Each team is also given 15 lives that they lose when they die in infiltrations and/or battles. Whoever loses all their lives first loses, and the war is immediately over.

There is so much info in this, so here is a link to a video that will recap everything that occured.

The war ends on February 8, with a G-Team victory at the last possible second.