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The Hermit Road-Building competition is a competition in which Hermits work in groups of two to build a road in the Season 7 Shopping District. There are 5 roads. 


Colour Area Key Shops Style Built by Place in competition
East of island Treasure Island, End and Nether shop Nether style using blackstone and netherite variants. FalseSymmetry and ZombieCleo 3rd
Center of island Lookie Lookie at My Bookie, Cinnabun, Boomers Red Nether style with Crimson Nylium and Beacons. TangoTek and ImpulseSV 4th
South of island Monster's Brew, The Omegastore, Bigger Logz Inc. A classic stone street with miniblocks on village heads travelling around along the road. Iskall85 2nd
Main Street Grian Emporium, Origin, Nether Shop Grand modern road GoodTimesWithScar -
North of island Beefy Tunes, The Spitz, Gold Rush "Egyptian hanging garden" road VintageBeef and Welsknight 5th
West of island Red Zone, Color Complete, Concrete Shop Futuristic Moon Base in the south and blackstone sourrounded by striped oak in the north. XisumaVoid and Cubfan135 1st

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