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The Button was a minigame built by MumboJumbo on the Season 7 nether roof. It was based on the Reddit April Fools' event of 2015. It died on 26 May 2020.


  • The lamps turn off, from left to right. When all the lamps turn off, the button dies and the game ends.
  • Players must keep the button alive by pressing it, which turns all the lights back on.
  • When the button is pressed, the player receives a colour 'rank' depending on how close the button was to death when pressed. This is represented by a piece of coloured concrete. The further right the colour, the more desirable the 'rank'.
  • The presser's 'rank' is always determined by their highest press. A presser must somehow display their 'rank' on their skin. However, some Hermits (for example, XisumaVoid) have decided to downgrade back to green, so they could enjoy the Green Team perks.


Button timeline

Timeline of Doc's first button stream. Credit: u/Glowstick77


The Green Team's base on top of the Nether roof

  • Docm77 camped the button for hours over stream hoping for a high rank. During this time, many Hermits either deliberately or inadvertently pressed the button, leading Doc to jokingly declare his revenge.
  • The formation of the Green Team, a team dedicated to staying in the green rank and preventing others from passing beyond it. It is spearheaded by GoodTimesWithScar, who constructed a tree-base for the team near the button.
  • The construction of the Green Team Waiting Room, complete with a training system. As revenge for a prank Cubfan135 pulled on him, iJevin rebranded the Green Team waiting room to the Orange Team waiting room, replacing all the green with orange.
  • The building of the PuRP belt cloob Hows (the Purple Team) by MumboJumbo.
  • GoodTimeWithScar made a sign-up stand for Hermits to put their head on a wall by the treehouse to know who is green.
  • Grian vowed to collect every belt colour in a reference to Avengers: Infinity War. After succeeding, Grian snapped all doors on the server into his shulker box of doors. He displayed every colour on his right hand until the Button's death, where the belts faded and left Grian sadly realising he had only used the power once.


Hermit 'Rank' Previous 'Ranks'
BdoubleO100 Green
Cubfan135 Green
Docm77 Yellow Purple
EthosLab Green Blue
FalseSymmetry Green
GoodTimesWithScar Green
Grian Red[1] Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple
Hypnotizd Orange Yellow
iJevin Orange Yellow
ImpulseSV Green
Iskall85 Red Green
JoeHills Green Purple
Keralis Yellow
MumboJumbo Yellow Purple, Green
Rendog Green Blue
StressMonster101 Orange Green, Purple
TangoTek Yellow
VintageBeef Blue
Welsknight Orange
xBCrafted Green
XisumaVoid Red[2] Green, Orange, Yellow
ZombieCleo Red Blue

Green Team

The Green Team, though not the highest in the social hierarchy made by MumboJumbo, is regarded as the best team. Even a red belt, XisumaVoid, downgraded to green to enjoy its perks. The Green Team have a treehouse, their official base (made by GoodTimesWithScar), a signup board (also made by Scar) and a waiting room made by Cubfan135 which initially was green, but was hijacked by iJevin who changed it to Orange.

Even after the death of the Button, the Green Team continues to exist.


In MumboJumbo’s Season 7: Episode 24, it was revealed that the button died and exploded. MumboJumbo said that everybody should remove their belts because the game ended. It is theorised that Grumbot had something to do with its death. In Grian's Season 7: Episode 25, when Grian asked it what happened to the button, it responded, 'ONE MUST DIE SO ANOTHER CAN LIVE', creating the theory that when Grumbot was born, the button died.



  1. Despite him being a Red Belt, he also displays all other colours on his skin.
  2. Despite being formally a Red Belt, he displays a Green Belt and is part of Green Team
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