The Architechs build off is a famous build off in Hermitville, starring Grian, MumboJumbo, Iskall85, GoodTimesWithScar, and even Ren-Bob for a short period of time.

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The build off all started when Grian, MumboJumbo and Iskall85 built their own houses on Sahara street, Grian owning a rickety wodden house and mumbo and iskall both owning modern white houses. Then they starting getting competitive about who had the tallest house and it all escalated from there.

A few weeks into the build off, GoodTimesWithScar decided to join the party with his flying rocket ship island house.

A few weeks after that, Ren-Bob flew his RV High into the sky, leaving behind a snake-shaped spiral of smoke. He then unofficially become apart of the build off. He only stayed there for a short period of time, before zooming off to another time period.

The build off went on for (number of weeks needed) weeks.

The judging happened in week 52 . Surprisingly, everyone (but mumbo) won with a tie of 55 points.

Here is a summary of the crazy and wonderful structures that formed in the build off:


  • A Towering rickety wooden tower, with a rocket sticking through the middle of it.
  • A catapult sitting on a platform that launched a boulder at scara, squashing one of her flowers.
  • A crane positioned on top of mumbo's rocket launching platform, originally meant to stop the rocket from reaching sky limit, but failed.
  • A boxing glove smashing a giant hole into iskall's giant aquarium.
  • A fierce red Dragon shooting a flaming fireball at giant Scar.

Mumbo Jumbo

  • A modern looking house holding up the following structures:
  • A rocket launching platform, that launched a rocket to sky limit. The rocket was then pulled back down by iskalls magnet, and fired into grian's house.
  • A tall skinny wooden flag pole, hosting a white punctured surrender flag.


  • A modern looking house holding up the following structures.
  • The Flying house from the movie 'UP', Encased inside a giant punctured aquarium
  • The Empire State Building sitting on top of the giant aquarium
  • A huge Magnet pointing upwards sitting on top of the empire state building
  • A magnificent ball of enderstone, AKA The Moon, sitting on top of the magnet
  • A metalic-looking Satellite-station sitting on top of the moon
  • A gigantic Iceberg sitting on top of the satellite-station
  • And Finally, a huge Dabbing penguin sitting on top of the iceberg.


  • A humongous plant monster, named Scara, wearing glasses, a wizard hat, and holding a magic wand, which he used to turn iskalls glass dome into an aquarium. He is also shooting blobs of venom out of his mouth at the other builds.
  • A once-floating rocket island, getting held up by scara. The island also has a modern house on it.
  • A Laser gun sitting on top of the modern house, shooting a laser beam.
  • A laser beam getting shot towards grians house, reflecting off a metal dish to iskalls build, reflecting off another metal dish back to scars build, blasting one of scara's eyes.
  • A giant gray cloud floating above scara, firing lightning bolts at the other builds.
  • A massive castle on top of the cloud, containing a giant Scar firing a Machine gun at grians dragon.

(To get even more information, watch this video: The hermitville buildOff! - Hermitcraft season 6 retrospective)

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