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Tegg was a minigame in Season 8 invented by Grian in his Season 8 Episode 4 as a sequel to Tag 2: Electric Boogaloo. The game is similar to his other two games of Tag from Season 6 and Season 7, but rather than a nametag, involves the use of the Dragon Egg. The game costs 1 diamond block to play and lasted until a competitor has kept the egg for 500 in-game days. The game started on July 4th, 2021 and ended on August 21, 2021, with Cubfan135 as the winner.


The egg will begin in Grian's possession. The goal is to find the dragon egg and pick it up, thus transferring ownership to them. The owner of the egg must then incorporate the egg into their build. The goal of other players is to find the egg in their build to pick it up, thus repeating the cycle. The first player that manages to keep the egg for a total of 500 in-game days (about 10000 minutes, or 166.67 hours) is declared the winner and may claim all diamond blocks placed in the egg. At least one face of the dragon egg must be exposed at all times, meaning it cannot be buried or fully hidden. The game may also not be played on stream. After finding the egg, the player has a maximum of 24 hours to hide the egg again.

If the Dragon Egg is destroyed, it must somehow be replaced. If the egg is not replaced, it is currently unknown what the consequences will be.

At the end of the game, the egg will return to Grian.


There are 2 more participants that are not known.


Owned By Taken By Final Location Episode Taken Added Scores
Grian GoodTimesWithScar Inside his pumpkin/melon farm. GoodTimesWithScar's Season 8: Episode 4 4
GoodTimesWithScar EthosLab Inside the base of the chimney on his base's roof. EthosLab's Season 8: Episode 3 69
EthosLab Cubfan135 Behind some trapdoors in Iskall85's hut (not the No Wings Club) Cubfan135's Season 8: Episode 7 123
Cubfan135 FalseSymmetry As a lamp, with a sign politely saying "Please do not touch the lamp" FalseSymmetry's Season 8: Episode 4 55
FalseSymmetry GeminiTay In a hole under her bridge. GeminiTay's Season 8: Episode 4 132
GeminiTay Grian In the roof of her stables. Grian's Season 8: Episode 6 110
Grian GoodTimesWithScar Under a staircase in a secret room behind a painting on his roof. GoodTimesWithScar's Season 8: Episode 5 40
GoodTimesWithScar Cubfan135 Inside Bee-serk. Cubfan135's Season 8: Episode 8 69 + 62 = 131
Cubfan135 Iskall85 In a secret room above a powdered snow trap. Iskall85's Season 8: Episode 6 55 + 296 = 351
Iskall85 ImpulseSV The TEGG Mega Machine. ImpulseSV's Season 8: Episode 8 235
ImpulseSV Grian In a secret room under his trash bin. Grian's Season 8: Episode 8 197
Grian GeminiTay Hidden underground in a block above a mushroom GeminiTay's Season 8: Episode 6 1+44 =45
GeminiTay iJevin Hidden in a hole under a trapdoor and water iJevin's Season 8: Episode 5 110+125 = 235
iJevin FalseSymmetry Hidden in a secret room within iJevin's painting room. FalseSymmetry's Season 8: Episode 6 134
FalseSymmetry MumboJumbo Hidden in a hole on top of the large spider on the roof of the cave. MumboJumbo's Season 8: Episode 9 132+317 = 449
MumboJumbo Grian (GoodTimesWithScar saw the Tegg but did not take it) Hidden in the mouth of his tree golem house. Grian's Season 8: Episode 9 371
Grian iJevin Hidden in the original pit behind the painting, at bedrock. iJevin's Season 8: Episode 7 333
iJevin PearlescentMoon Hidden in a 1-block tunnel PearlescentMoon's Season 8: Episode 6 229
PearlescentMoon FalseSymmetry Hidden at the end of a parkour puzzle FalseSymmetry's Season 8: Episode 8 352
FalseSymmetry GeminiTay Hidden at the end of a Minecraft quiz GeminiTay's Season 8: Episode 8 454
GeminiTay Grian Under the glass floor and behind a water stream. Grian's Season 8: Episode 10 446
Grian JoeHills For sale on the G-Train for 5 diamonds. JoeHills' Season 8: Episode 8 495
JoeHills ImpulseSV In the hayloft of his house ImpulseSV's Season 8: Episode 15 141
ImpulseSV Hypnotizd At the end of a quiz based on ImpulseSV and his Hermitcraft episodes. Hypnotizd's Season 8: Episode 9 468
Hypnotizd Cubfan135 Under his mushroom Base Cubfan135's Season 8: Episode 17 225
Cubfan135 GeminiTay Found at the end of a pressure plate maze GeminiTay's Season 8: Episode 10 492
GeminiTay Cubfan135 Found at the end of a Puzzle Cubfan135's Season 8: Episode 18 481
Cubfan135 GeminiTay, FalseSymmetry and Grian (Worked together to find the Tegg because Cub already won) In a hole that led to a puzzle room FalseSymmetry's Season 8: Episode 9

Grian's Season 8: Episode 12

GeminiTay's Season 8: Episode 10