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The new sign up stand

Tag 2: Electric Boogaloo was a game started by Grian in Season 7. It is the succesor to the Season 6 game, Tag. Grian stated that the game should always be referred to by its full name.

XisumaVoid won the game in his Episode 39 after a battle with FalseSymmetry, JoeHills, and VintageBeef. He gave half the prize to Cubfan135 and a quarter to Keralis, leaving himself with only a quarter of the prize.


One must pay a diamond block that is renamed as their name in order to sign up for the game. There is a Name Tag item named Tag 2: Electric Boogaloo. The holder of the tag gets a point for every hour they hold it for. The tag may be retrieved by any means necessary, including but not limited to PvP combat. The objective of the game is to get 50 points. The winner will gain all of the diamonds that the Hermits payed to sign up. Grian added 2 diamond blocks, a shulker box full of golden carrots, a shulker box full of gravel, and a shulker box full of sand to the prize pool. He said the prize pool would grow over time.



Hermit Time of obtaining Method of obtaining Total time held

(in hours)

Grian His Episode 7 | 20 March 2020 Started with it when creating the game 15
Iskall85 His Episode 12 | 25 March 2020 Trap set up at Grian's place [1] 16
StressMonster101 Her Episode 11 | 28 March 2020 Employed an IOU that Iskall gave her [2] 15
Docm77 His Episode 11 | 3 April 2020 Bargained with Stress [3] 5
BdoubleO100 His Episode 8 | 8 April 2020 Tag was thrown to him by Docm77 for him to then be killed by FalseSymmetry (BdoubleO100 is not playing and therefore did not intend to acquire the Tag) 0
FalseSymmetry Her Episode 13 | 8 April 2020 Made a deal with Doc that involved killing BdoubleO100 when he had held the Tag for a few seconds [4] 32
ZombieCleo Her Episode 12 | 28 April 2020 Picked up the Tag after helping iJevin kill FalseSymmetry, then threw it to him 0
iJevin His Episode 21 | 18 April 2020 Was thrown it by ZombieCleo who had picked it up after he killed FalseSymmetry [5] 1
Cubfan135 His Episode 19 | 28 April 2020 Won the game against Hypno for the Tag [6] 43
XisumaVoid His Episode 28 | 4 May 2020 Cub gave the tag to him. In exchange, Xisuma joined the Green Team. 49
Keralis His Episode 23 | 9 May 2020 Keralis and XisumaVoid agreed to give the the tag to the other every time they see each other. 48
XisumaVoid His Episode 29 | 7 May 2020 Keralis and XisumaVoid agreed to give the the tag to the other every time they see each other. 50


Successful Attempts


Iskall85 later staged a plan to get the tag from Grian by trapping his messaging system with MumboJumbo. When MumboJumbo sent a message to Grian via a minecart with a chest, a bell alarm would ring. Iskall85 triggered the alarm with his own minecart chest. When Grian put out the alarm, a TNT minecart dropped from above, killing him. Iskall85 then quickly grabbed Grian's head. He helped repair the damage the TNT had done.


Iskall85 asked Stress for a villager or two for a project he was working on and decided to pay her back in an IOU. Just like Grian's IOU to Joe in Season 6, Iskall85 had forgotten about it. He sadly handed over the tag and unsuccessfully tried to burn the IOU.


After his failed attempt, Doc finds Stress in her base and offers a deal. She will get a diamond block (the entry price) and a favour from him. Stress agrees, though slightly hesitantly.


While Docm77 was chasing BdoubleO100, he gave the tag to him. FalseSymmetry then killed BdoubleO100, getting the tag in the process.


FalseSymmetry was seen by iJevin and ZombieCleo while shopping at PyroTEKnics. On a whim, iJevin and ZombieCleo agreed to hunt her, shooting her down before iJevin went in for the kill. FalseSymmetry dropped her sword in the fight, and was killed. Cleo picked the tag up, and agreed to let iJevin have it.


iJevin set up a series of games in which Cubfan135 and Hypnotizd would fight for ownership of the tag. Hypnotizd took Round 1, 2-0; Cubfan135 took Round 2, 2-0 and Round 3, 2-1.


Cubfan135 was feeling lonely in the Green Team Treehouse as nobody joined him. He saw XisumaVoid and offered to give him the tag for a price: he would join the Green Team. XisumaVoid agreed and received the tag.


XisumaVoid knew that if he held on to the tag for too long, someone would come to kill him. He struck up a deal with his business partner, Keralis, that they would exchange the tag every time they saw each other. If one of them won, they would split the prize evenly. When XisumaVoid was at 49 points, he announced that he and Keralis were near winning. This put them in to a battle with FalseSymmetry, JoeHills, and VintageBeef. XisumaVoid ended up victorius with 50 hours.

Failed Attempts

Iskall85's Attack

The first attempt to get the tag from Grian came from Iskall85. His plan of attack was to sneak up behind Grian while flying with his elytra, quickly kill him, then take the tag. Little did he know Grian had already taken precautions to avoid losing the tag. He had prepared a panic room in which he would run into, jump into a hole, and land in water. Then as soon as the attacker jumped down behind him, he would quickly remove the water from the hole. This worked quite effectively as Iskall85 fell for it. Iskall had fallen for the same trap twice.

Docm77’s Attack

Doc‘s first attempt to get the tag was an assault on Stress. He prepared a set of terminator gear and attacked Stress leads him into her Swedish-themed panic room, where he was dropped down a hole then sent back up again and splashed with poison. The trap was designed only to scare, and not kill. Doc retreats but plots another way to get the tag.

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