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StressMonster101, also known for short as StressMonster or Stress, is a YouTuber and member of Hermitcraft. She joined at the start of Season 5 alongside ZedaphPlays. She has amassed a following of over 264,000 subscribers[1] on her YouTube channel.

Season 5

StressMonster101 built her base in a swamp at the beginning of the season, where she remained until the end. She transformed a swamp into a small village.

Season 6


StressMonster101 was the second (17th) person to die in Demise.


StressMonster101's base is a massive fortress located on top of an iceberg. It is near Iskall85's original base. It serves as her palace, as she is the Ice Queen, a title she gave herself.


StressMonster101 operates an ice shop in the Shopping District. It was established early on in the series. She also has a shop called 'Treat Your Chick' located in the mall. Patrons can adopt a chicken, and must feed it regularly so it can provide gifts.

Season 7

She has settled in the same jungle as Grian, GoodTimesWithScar, Iskall85, and MumboJumbo. As a result of living in the jungle, she has given up her title of Ice Queen and passed it on to EthosLab.

Iskall85 initiated her into Hermit Challenges, where her first challenge was to place ten thousand blocks. However, MumboJumbo switched her challenge with his, which was to do a Swedish-themed episode. Now she has been challenged by MumboJumbo to run for mayor. Iskall85 agreed to be her campaign manager.

She has a glass shop and Monster's Brew.

Mayor Campaign


StressMonster101 is running for Mayor of the Shopping district. MumboJumbo asked her to run for Mayor in Hermit Challenges. StressMonster101 asked IskallMAN to be her Mayor campaign manager. IskallMAN has made her two different poster styles and posted them all over the Shopping District and the Nether roof hub. IskallMAN also paid the Hermiton Herald to make a newspaper about StressMonster101's Mayor campaign, and gave her the official MumboJumbo suit that he had purchased earlier in the season at Buy Mumbo's Bits. StressMonster101's slogan is GET GORGEOUS. She has since lost.


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