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Skyzm was a member of the Hermitcraft server, joining January 5th, 2013. He joined along with BdoubleO100, Juicetra, and Pungence. Their "joining event" was aiding the B-Team in issuing a warning against The Agency, headed by Biffa2001 and XisumaVoid. In Season 2 He was the server prankster along Pungence

Skyzm also plays on the HermitCraft Feed the Beast server and has a Real Life Minecraft series, which shows you the effects of too much Minecraft in your Real life.

Season 1

Skyzm joined Hermitcraft alongside Pungence, BdoubleO100 and Juicetra in the beginning of 2013 for a retaliation prank against Biffa2001 and Xisumavoid. After the prank had its intended effect, Skyzm, Pungence and Juicetra stayed on the server. He overtook Kiershar's old spawn house, next to Biffa2001’s abode and remodelled the front. He and Pungence created a series of builds in a desert/frozen taiga region of the map, near Pungence's Assyrian temple. At the end of Season 1, He, Pungence, KingDaddyDMAC, Aureylian and Juicetra destroyed a copy of the server with TNT.

Skyzm's Season 1 Episodes [ View List ]
Thumbnail Title Date Published
0 Video Thumbnail Hermitcraft Special - B-Team Reinforcements January 5, 2013 More info ⟶
1 Video Thumbnail I Need An Adult! January 8, 2013 More info ⟶
2 Video Thumbnail Bad Cow Juice January 11, 2013 More info ⟶
3 Video Thumbnail NBA Enderman January 15, 2013 More info ⟶
4 Video Thumbnail Cactus Jokes January 23, 2013 More info ⟶
5 Video Thumbnail New Construction January 26, 2013 More info ⟶
6 Video Thumbnail SUPER SECRET SAFE HOUSE January 30, 2013 More info ⟶
7 Video Thumbnail Gently Chewed Food Emporium February 2, 2013 More info ⟶
8 Video Thumbnail Keralis vs. Bdubs Supply Donation February 5, 2013 More info ⟶
9 Video Thumbnail Assembling the ChickenBomb February 9, 2013 More info ⟶
10 Video Thumbnail Potato Farm Concept February 12, 2013 More info ⟶
11 Video Thumbnail Desert Forest Concept February 14, 2013 More info ⟶
12 Video Thumbnail Gentleman's Payment to Topmass February 16, 2013 More info ⟶
13 Video Thumbnail We're Angry! February 21, 2013 More info ⟶
14 Video Thumbnail Village Planning February 23, 2013 More info ⟶
15 Video Thumbnail Your Ideas At Work February 26, 2013 More info ⟶
16 Video Thumbnail Compromised! February 28, 2013 More info ⟶
17 Video Thumbnail WHO IS JEFF THE MINION March 2, 2013 More info ⟶
18 Video Thumbnail Goon Squad Justice March 3, 2013 More info ⟶
19 Video Thumbnail My VIP Swag March 7, 2013 More info ⟶
20 Video Thumbnail Gettin' it Done! March 9, 2013 More info ⟶
21 Video Thumbnail Mastering the Shaft March 12, 2013 More info ⟶
22 Video Thumbnail Arch That City, Yo March 14, 2013 More info ⟶
23 Video Thumbnail Hizzle Crizzle! March 16, 2013 More info ⟶
24 Video Thumbnail Piece of Ship March 21, 2013 More info ⟶
25 Video Thumbnail More Wood March 23, 2013 More info ⟶
26 Video Thumbnail PAX Recap March 26, 2013 More info ⟶
27 Video Thumbnail Gettin' That Inside On March 28, 2013 More info ⟶
28 Video Thumbnail I R DEZYNER March 30, 2013 More info ⟶
29 Video Thumbnail Stairmaster April 2, 2013 More info ⟶
30 Video Thumbnail Title Coming Soon April 4, 2013 More info ⟶
31 Video Thumbnail That White Stuff April 6, 2013 More info ⟶
32 Video Thumbnail Crazy Sports Injuries April 9, 2013 More info ⟶
33 Video Thumbnail Rescue Mission April 11, 2013 More info ⟶
34 Video Thumbnail Mine Shaft April 13, 2013 More info ⟶
35 Video Thumbnail Hello Goldy April 16, 2013 More info ⟶
36 Video Thumbnail The State of Things April 22, 2013 More info ⟶
37 Video Thumbnail One Of My Favorite Games April 26, 2013 More info ⟶
38 Video Thumbnail Everyone Loves a Piñata April 30, 2013 More info ⟶
39 Video Thumbnail YONDER HORSE HUNT May 8, 2013 More info ⟶
40 Video Thumbnail YONDER HORSE PARTS May 10, 2013 More info ⟶
41 Video Thumbnail The Cleansing May 20, 2013 More info ⟶
42 Video Thumbnail Minor Update May 23, 2013 More info ⟶
43 Video Thumbnail Horses like explosions June 1, 2013 More info ⟶
44 Video Thumbnail The Second to Last HermitCraft June 7, 2013 More info ⟶
45 Video Thumbnail HermitCraft Is Dead, Long Live HermitCraft! June 8, 2013 More info ⟶

Season 2

Skyzm returned at the beginning of Season 2, and settled in a spawn house behind Pungence. The two had a reputation for mischief early on in the season, including trapping a zombie under a piece of dirt, turning Biffa2001’s house into a giant mug of tea and accidentally burning Hypnotizd's house to the ground. After a few episodes in the beginning of the season, he took a break, but returned for the second part of the season. He had a small house near the nether portal in New Hermiton. He and Pungence returned to their pranks with their theft of the ABBA Caving winnings from Hypnotizd, which resulted in their arrest by KingDaddyDMAC and being sent to a court trial. During this time, the duo made a series of humorous videos from their jail cell, which involved Skyzm somehow losing his pants.

Season 3

Skyzm briefly returned for Season 3. He had a small house carved into the side of a cliff in Hermit Hills underneath sl1pg8r's house. He and Pungence created a bit of a competition for diamonds in the beginning of the season, but this was never actually finished. He was removed from the whitelist towards the end of the season, most likely for inactivity.

Modded Series

Skyzm was a part of the Hermitcraft Modded series FTB Ultimate and Modsauce.

Notable Series

Minecraft for Morons - teaching you how to play Minecraft, fake Italian accent style

Minecraft Sketch Comedy - SNL style skits, mostly involving some sort of insurance fraud

Redstone Home School - self-teaching redstone techniques after watching GenerikB's Redstone Academy series

Boots Vs. - testing the limits of the glitched out rubber boots in the Feed the Beast beta

What We Should Have Said - Pungence and I re-record an episode, this time reading the automatic captions from YouTube

Minecraft Skin


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