Skyzm was a member of the HermitCraft server, joining January 5th, 2013. He joined along with BdoubleO100, Juicetra, and Pungence. Their "joining event" was aiding the B-Team in issuing a warning against The Agency, headed by Biffa2001 and XisumaVoid.

Skyzm also plays on the HermitCraft Feed the Beast server and has a Real Life Minecraft series, which shows you the effects of too much Minecraft in your life.

Notable Series

Minecraft for Morons - teaching you how to play Minecraft, fake Italian accent style

Minecraft Sketch Comedy - SNL style skits, mostly involving some sort of insurance fraud

Redstone Home School - self-teaching redstone techniques after watching GenerikB's Redstone Academy series

Boots Vs. - testing the limits of the glitched out rubber boots in the Feed the Beast beta

What We Should Have Said - Pungence and I re-record an episode, this time reading the automatic captions from YouTube

Minecraft Skins



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