Hermitcraft Season 6 started on July 19, 2018.  ___ episodes came out on the first day. 

This season, active hermits (who post videos) include:

HermitCraft Season 6 Maps & Land ClaimsEdit

Season 6 Map
Hermitcraft 6 Map with cords

Seed: -7866897547630675894

Rules for this seasonEdit

    • No mods (as always)
    • World Border : Located East at 6K beyond the mining areas.
    • Mob Heads : Every mob can drop its head (new ones too)
    • 1-Player Sleeping : New improved advancement system by Plagiatus
    • Silence Mobs : A feature to stop entities making sounds
    • No Endermen Grief : Same as always!
    • Rare Gems : Five different gems can be found in dungeon chests to trade with custom villagers who will give Hermits access to player heads and custom textured heads.
    • Ender Dragon: Drops Elytra on death
    • Shulkers : Drop two shells on death
    • Custom Crafting : Stairs yield correct amount for wood used. Any color wool can be dyed. Clay & Glass can be dyed from any color, they can also be undyed with ice.
    • Wrench : A custom tool that rotates glazed terracotta when building with it.
    • Custom Armor Stands : A book to manipulate poses and other features.
    • Gamerules : maxentity cramming is default and firespread is off

Notable Organisations and AlliancesEdit

Architech: MumboJumbo and Grian Convex/ConCorp: Cubfan and Scar



Other Major Shops and BuildsEdit


Server-wide EventsEdit

  • Introduction of Tag
  • Halloween Phantom Hunt
  • Zedeath challenge
  • Grian Head Hunt
  • Winter snowball fight
  • Secret Santa
  • The Season 6 Prank War

Notable PranksEdit

More InformationEdit