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The Shopping District on the Map

Part of the Shopping District

Aerial view of the Season 7 Shopping District (as of 9 August 2020)

The Shopping District of Season 7, also known as the Cowmercial District by Rendog, Xisumavoid, and other Hermits, is located on a mushroom island, located at the exact centre of the world. Iskall85 suggested that all the Hermits should pay a diamond block for every 100 blocks of horizontal space they employ to build their shops in order to conserve space. This suggestion has since been accepted by all the Hermits and is now considered a rule.

Town Hall

For more details, see Town Hall


Active Shops

Shops Owner Products Sold Episode When Built
Slime Shop Iskall85 Slime His Episode 4
The Bone Zone! VintageBeef Minigame, Wool and Sheep Heads His Episode 5
Lookie Lookie at My Bookie Keralis Enchanted Books, Bookshelves His Episode 5
GOAT Mending Machine Docm77 Mending Books His Episode 4
Bee Shop XisumaVoid Honey Blocks, Honeycomb Blocks, Bee heads, Bee hives, and Bee Nests. His Episode 6
Origin Cubfan135 Quartz His Episode 6
Glass Shop StressMonster101 Glass Her Episode 6
Sky Zone Elytra Shop iJevin Elytras, End city loot His Episode 7
The Diamond Store Hypnotizd Various Items His Episode 6
PyroTEKnics TangoTek Rockets, Gunpowder His Episode 7
Ice Shop EthosLab Snow, Ice His Episode 4
Guardian Goodies ImpulseSV Prismarine, Prismarine Bricks, Dark Prismarine, and Sea Lanterns His Episode 7
Bigger Logz Inc. Rendog Logs His Episode 4
Red Zone xBCrafted and BdoubleO100 Redstone Components XBCrafted's Episode 11/BdoubleO100's Episode 14
Impulse's Em and Em Emporium ImpulseSV Emeralds, Totems of Undying His Episode 9
The Chest Monster Shop GoodTimesWithScar Storage blocks His Episode 6
Five GOATs Docm77 Golden Carrots His Episode 8
Rock Shop XisumaVoid Stones and Ores His Episode 15
The Iron Works TangoTek Iron related items His Episode 13
The Spitz VintageBeef Llamas His Episode 16
Grian Emporium Grian Various Items His Episode 12
Iskall's Treasure Island Iskall85 Shulker Boxes Containing Something His Episode 16
Trident Shop Hypnotizd Tridents His Episode 12
TNT Shop iJevin TNT His Episode 17
Color Complete ImpulseSV and TangoTek Concrete, Concrete Powder, Wool and Dye ImpulseSV's Episode 15/TangoTek's Episode 15
Stalls XisumaVoid Various Items Not on an Episode
Monster's Brew StressMonster101 Potions Her Episode 15
The Boomers BdoubleO100, ImpulseSV, and TangoTek Demolition services BdoubleO100's Episode 9/ImpulseSV's Episode16/TangoTek's Episode 16
Trader Jev's iJevin Buys Things His Episode 20
Landscaping Shop GoodTimesWithScar Landscaping Items His Episode 13
Beefy Tunes VintageBeef Music discs, Posters, Pianos, Note blocks, and Jukeboxes His Episode 22
Shade-E-E's EthosLab Various subscription-based deliveries His Episode 11
Terracotta Cove FalseSymmetry Terracotta Her Episode 20
The Hermiton Herald Cubfan135 and ZombieCleo Newspaper Articles Cubfan135's Episode 14/ZombieCleo's Episode 10
Concrete Shop Keralis and XisumaVoid Bone Blocks, Concrete His Episode 28
Zed's Zouchers ZedaphPlays Zouchers His Episode 12
Little Etho's Little Music Box EthosLab and VintageBeef Building note block music. EthosLab's Episode 14/VintageBeef's Episode 28
Junk4Junk xBCrafted Exchanges junk items His Episode 44
Gold Rush Cubfan135 Gold His Episode 30
The Omegastore Iskall85 Redstone His Episode 31
Leather Shop Welsknight Leather His Episode 6
Wallpaper Shop VintageBeef Wallpapers His Episode 36
The Meat Wagon IJevin Cooked porkchops and leather His Episode 42
Lamps Plus ImpulseSV Beacons His Episode 37
Nether Shop TangoTek Nether Items His Episode 39
The Block Exchange XisumaVoid Micro Blocks His Episode 50
Do or Die IJevin Treasure maps His Episode 44
Cinnabun Cubfan135 Ancient Debris His Episode 45
The Warped Realm FalseSymmetry Nether and End related blocks Her Episode 40
Lookie Lookie at my Cookie Keralis Food Items His Episode 36
Kick The Puppet ZombieCleo Armour stand decoration service Her Episode 28
Spongebot Sponge Emporium iJevin Sponges His Episode 49
ODEA MumboJumbo Instructions to build redstone contraptions and the materials required to build them (building blocks excluded) His Episode 42
Blackstone Shop XisumaVoid Bastion Related Items His Episode 67
Wither Shop IJevin Wither farm proceeds His Episode 58
WelsMart Welsknight Various Items His Episode 10
Star Gazers BdoubleO100 Sleep Services His Episode 28

Active Facilities

Facilities Owner Function Episode when built
Stat Poker TangoTek and EthosLab Minigame TangoTek's Episode 12/EthosLab's Episode 7
HWF Arena Rendog Minigame His Episode 6
Town Hall BdoubleO100, GoodTimesWithScar, and Grian Houses the Diamond Pile/Mayor Election BdoubleO100's Episode 13/GoodTimesWithScar's Episode 14/Grian's Episode 19
A-Mazeing Maze IJevin Maze minigame His Episode 34
Mount Scarmore GoodTimesWithScar Letting hermits put their heads on the mountain to increase the mayor's plummeting approval rating. His Episode 22
Billboards FalseSymmetry Advertising space on billboards Her Episode 31
Bernie the Leaf Master Iskall85 Collecting 1,000,000 leaf blocks His Episode 40
Main Street GoodTimesWithScar Decoration His Episode 26
Decked Out TangoTek Minigame His Episode 48
Shulker Box Auction Cubfan135 Auctioning unclaimed shulker boxes from the shopping district His Episode 61

Out-of-Service Builds

Shops and Facilities Owner Function/Products Sold Episode When Built
Folks at Work JoeHills Permits to renovate the roads and the Nether Portal, Steak His Episode 5
Head Games ZombieCleo Minigame Her Episode 4
Pass It On MumboJumbo What the previous customer paid His Episode 8
MICRO Trade Iskall85 Buys Micro-blocks His Episode 19
Buy Mumbo's Bits MumboJumbo Parts of Mumbo Jumbo's Skin His Episode 16
The Ugly Torch ImpulseSV and TangoTek Various items in exchange for redstone ImpulseSV's Episode 26
False's End Emporium FalseSymmetry End related things Her Episode 7
xBCrafted's Unbelievable Apocalyptificated Build Contest xBCrafted Contest His Episode 17
The Hermiton Mayoral Poll Cubfan135 Monitors support in Mayor Election His Episode 27
Mayor Election Voting Booths Grian To vote in Mayor Election His Episode 29
The Gorgeous Intelligent Fountain of Truth Iskall85 Collecting information for The Mayor Election His Episode 30
Jrumbot Grian Diamond blocks if the buyer supports Mumbo for mayor in a couple of ways. His Episode 26
Weapons Shop FalseSymmetry Various Weapons Her Episode 27 Not opened on episode
Keralis Building Essentials Keralis Construction materials His Episode 9
Dog Sighting Report Kiosk JoeHills Reporting uncaught dogs His Episode 27
Temporary Nether Hub Resource Donation Area FalseSymmetry Donating Blocks for the Nether Hub Her Episode 37
The Armor Stand iJevin Diamond Armor and Tools His Episode 11
Bedrock Breaking Shop ImpulseSV Bedrock Breaking Service His Episode 35
General Mob Farm Drop Shop iJevin Drops from his general mob farm His Episode 28
Sneak-E-E's EthosLab Various Items His Episode 22


For more info, see The Road Building Competition

Colour Area Key Shops Style Built by
East of island Treasure Island, End and Nether shop Nether style using blackstone and netherite variants. FalseSymmetry and ZombieCleo
Center of island Lookie Lookie at My Bookie, Cinnabun, Boomers Red Nether style with Crimson Nylium and Beacons. TangoTek and ImpulseSV
South of island Monster's Brew, The Omegastore, Bigger Logz Inc. A classic stone street with miniblocks on village heads travelling around along the road. Iskall85
Main Street Grian Emporium, Origin, Nether Shop Grand modern road GoodTimesWithScar
North of island Beefy Tunes, The Spitz, Gold Rush "Egyptian hanging garden" road VintageBeef and Welsknight
West of island Red Zone, Color Complete, Concrete Shop Futuristic Moon Base in the south and blackstone sourrounded by striped oak in the north. XisumaVoid and Cubfan135


After being elected mayor in The Mayor Election, GoodTimesWithScar went about reorganising the shopping district. All of the mycelium that used to cover the island was replaced with grass. GoodTimesWithScar also constructed a large road decorated with trees growing diamonds which leads up to the town hall. A plan for a new road layout has been layed out using coloured concrete for all hermits to build on their own, a few of these have been constructed so far. Grian has begun the mycelium resistance, where some of the mycelium previoulsy removed by GoodTimesWithScar have returned to the shopping district.

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