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Season 7 (28 February 2020 – present-day) is the seventh and current season of Hermitcraft. The Season 7 world was created on the 1.15.2 version of Minecraft. It was updated to 1.16 on 23 June, 2020, and the Nether was reset at this point.

This season's world is based around a Mushroom island situated in the centre, which serves as the shopping district for the season. Surrounding the island is the Hermiatic Ocean, which drains into a larger body of water at the Strait of Joebraltar to the northeast. Jungle, plains, badlands, and savanna biomes surround the ocean. The Hermits' bases are roughly located along the coast of the bay. The world seed is WLLBYUG.


Returned From Season 3

Name Image YouTube Playlist
Hypnotizd Hypnotizd.png Visit Playlist Webpage

Returned From Season 5

Name Image YouTube Playlist
EthosLab Etho.png Visit Playlist Webpage
VintageBeef VintageBeef.png Visit Playlist Webpage

Returned From Previous Season

Name Image YouTube Playlist
BdoubleO100 BdoubleO100-face.png Visit Playlist Webpage
Cubfan135 Cubfan135-face.png Visit Playlist Webpage
Docm77 Docm77.png Visit Playlist Webpage
FalseSymmetry False.png Visit Playlist Webpage
GoodTimesWithScar GoodTimeWithScar1.png Visit Playlist Webpage
Grian Grian.png Visit Playlist Webpage
iJevin IJevin.png Visit Playlist Webpage
ImpulseSV ImpulseSV.png Visit Playlist Webpage
Iskall85 Iskall85.png Visit Playlist Webpage
JoeHills JoeHills.jpg Visit Playlist Webpage
Keralis Keralis Profile.png Visit Playlist Webpage
MumboJumbo Mumbo.png Visit Playlist Webpage
Rendog Rendog.svg Visit Playlist Webpage
Stressmonster101 Stressmonster101.png Visit Playlist Webpage
TangoTek TangoTek Face.jpg Visit Playlist Webpage
TinFoilChef Tinfoilchef.png Visit Playlist Webpage
Welsknight[1] Welsknight-face.png Visit Playlist Webpage
xBCrafted Xbcrafted.png Visit Playlist Webpage
XisumaVoid Xisuma.png Visit Playlist Webpage
ZedaphPlays Zedaph.png Visit Playlist Webpage
ZombieCleo ZombieCleoFace.png Visit Playlist Webpage

Whitelisted but yet to appear

Name Image YouTube Playlist
PythonGB PythonGB.png YouTube Channel
Jessassin Jessassin.png YouTube Channel
Biffa2001 Biffa2001.png YouTube Channel

Data Packs

From Vanilla Tweaks

  • AFK Display: a player's name is darkened when AFK.
  • Anti Enderman Grief: make an enderman to not able to get some blocks.
  • Double Shulker Shells: a Shulker drops two shells when killed.
  • More Mob Heads: Make every mob to have a head and player can retrieve it by killing it.
  • Multiplayer Sleep: allows only one player to make the night to day.
  • Track Raw Statistics
  • Track Statistics
  • Silence Mobs: when naming a mob with "silence me" the mob will be silenced and have no sound.
  • Coordinates HUD (without time display): the coordinates of the player will show at the bottom of the screen on top of the hotbar.
  • Player Head Drops: when player is killed by another player their head will drop.
  • Wandering Traders can trade mini blocks.: the is a 3-5 chance of a wandering trader trade mini-blocks or player heads.
  • The Armour Stand Book: players can pose custom armour stand statues by signing the book with Statues name.


Starter Bases

Hermit Image Description


Half of a mansion divided down the centre, overlooking GOAT Bay.
Screen Shot 2020-09-26 at 5.50.35 PM.png
A small desert pyramid.


The other half of the split mansion at GOAT Bay.
EthosLab A mess of blocks in a jungle.
FalseSymmetry A hollowed-out dirt hill that was flattened out.
GoodTimesWithScar A giant snail in a jungle biome nicknamed Larry, near a bamboo forest.
Grian A hobbit hole made out of primarily spruce and birch wood in a jungle biome.
Hypnotizd A single tropical island.
iJevin A small structure that was originally floating but was moved to make space for his megabase.
ImpulseSV One of the houses in a desert village.
Iskalls starter base.PNG
A custom made underground mineshaft in a desert.
JoeHills A sunken ship in the Strait of Joebraltar.
Keralis A modern blue concrete house, the first building of his main base.
MumboJumbo A hobbit hole on the edge of the jungle biome.
Rendog A small island called Loser Island.
StressMonster101 A small island in the jungle.
TangoTek A rustic house made out of oak wood.
TinFoilChef A small hut leading into a mine.
VintageBeef A repurposed building in an abandoned desert village.
Welsknight’s Starter Base - Season 7 - Hermitcraft.jpeg
A house made of concrete, bone blocks, terracotta, and wood in the plains biome.
xBCrafted An entire savanna village.
XisumaVoid A dugout spot in a cave, in a jungle biome.
ZedaphPlays The inside of a vast mountain, which he dubbed the "Cave of Contraptions".
ZombieCleo A dugout spot in a cave, in a forest biome.

Main Bases

Hermit Image Description
BdoubleO100 A large area with medieval-styled buildings and a large, custom made cliff. According to BdoubleO100, he is going for a "from a distance" style.

Cubfan135's Season 7 Pyramid

A giant pyramid based on and exactly to scale to the Great Pyramid of Giza.
Docm77 A large tower over the ocean called Testificate Tower.
EthosLab The Monstrosity (a huge mess of blocks).
An 'Evil base' (as called by False) overlooking the ocean.
GoodTimesWithScar A drill next to his "big dig", a construction style pit going all the way to the nether.


A large, intricate mansion located on a mountain next to a jungle. Located a short distance from his hobbit hole.
Hypnotizd A long coastal boardwalk
iJevin A futuristic sea base made of blocks like prismarine and end stone.
A massive futuristic pyramid in the Hermiatic Ocean with farms inside it.

Omega Tree of Doom

A giant tree in a jungle, which he calls 'the Omega Tree (Of Doom)'.

Joerassic Bark

A winery building and berry fields adjacent to the Strait of Joebraltar, inspired by the Wizard of Wines Winery from the Curse of Strahd module for Dungeons and Dragons; a terraformed cavern surrounding three mob spawners underneath the Strait; a lighthouse inspired by the Tower of Hercules in Galicia, Spain, with a nether-themed mirror-image of itself underneath a terraformed hill.

Keralis' Season 7 City

A construction site in a savanna biome with a port and more.

MumboJumbo's Season 7 Ancient Monument

A massive ruinous tower in the middle of a perimeter in the shape of an octagon supported on all sides by futuristic "wrenches."

Valley of Tatooren

He originally wanted to expand Loser Island with the help of the Boomers, but he misused ImpulseSV's TNT bomber and accidentally blew it up. He since moved in the mesa next to the jungle and built his new base, the Valley of Tatooren, based on the desert planet of Tatooine from Star Wars.
StressMonster101 A mushroom factory with pink roofs, including a rainbow, giant lotus flower, a multicoloured dome, a brewery for her potion business, and a skull representing the inside of her head.

Toon Towers

A series of cartoon-themed towers called 'Toon Towers'. Features include a creeper cannon, flying anvils, MumboJumbo's moustache, a replica of Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. from Phineas and Ferb, and a high-efficiency iron farm.
TinFoilChef At the Moment, it is just a small house made of white concrete, but he has plans to take it up to build limit (2x2 chuck space)

Three Fox Hole

An "opulent" hacienda overlooking a village, with a llama cove and many farms followed by a cyberpunk city.
xBCrafted A bunker underneath an apocalypse-ravaged village.
XisumaVoid A complex of futuristic towers strewn across a jungle. Heavily features honey/yellow blocks as accent colours.

The Cave of Contraptions

A hollowed-out mountain filled with random contraptions, called 'the Cave of Contraptions.'
ZombieCleo A zoo filled with armour stand animals.


Other Buildings

For buildings in the shopping district, see Season 7 Shopping District.

Organisations and Alliances

Server-Wide Events and Games


  • Along with Season 3, Season 7 is one of two seasons where no new Hermit joined at the start of the Season.



  1. Welsknight joined around the 20th of May, 2020. He was burned out from the previous season and didn't want to play again too soon.
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