Season 4 (25 February 2016 – 8 April 2017) was the fourth season of Hermitcraft. The Season 4 world was started on the 1.9 version of Minecraft, and it was gradually updated until version 1.11.2.

This season's world was based around a Badlands biome (then called Mesa), where most Hermits set up their bases. For the first time, a system of dividing the playing area in function-based districts was employed, and were colour-coded as such: Commercial (brown), Entertainment (orange), Farming (yellow), Industrial (green), Municipal (white), Residential-North (blue) and Residential-South (purple).

The world

World Seed -3558144527798569323 [1]
The spawn (island) was moved to X: -1150 Z: 2180[2]
The mesa is at X: -1200 Z: 1400[3]
Dungeons upped from 7 to 35[4]

Map of Districts

Hermitcraft IV Districts

Hermits living in the North Residential District included: Cub, False, Iskall, Mumbo, Scar, Tango, Welsnight and xBcrafted. Hermits living in the South Residential District include: Cleo, (to be continued)... Doc, Etho, and Python did not have bases in one of the residential districts. Instead, Doc & Etho set up a gaming area and Python set up a sea town nearby (but not in) the South District.

The map is shown at an angle with "North" in the top-most left corner.

First day

Seventeen first episodes came out on the first day plus one live stream repost[5]. Hermits who published videos on the first day include: Cleo, Cubfan, False, GTWScar, iJevin, Impulse, Iskall, Jessassin, Joehills, Mumbo, Python, Ren, Tango, TFC, Wels, xBcrafted, and Xisuma.

Hermits who did not post on the first day include Biffa[6], Doc[7], Etho[8], VintageBeef[9] and Zueljin[10].

Active Hermits

The following hermits did not make an appearance during this season, but were listed as Hermits anyway


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