The Sahara campus.

Sahara is an Architech run shop located between the Shopping District and the Futuristic District. It is considered an "Amazon prime in Minecraft but faster". and it is known to be one of the biggest projects, if not the biggest project, on the server to date, requiring at least 3 months of work before being ready for its beta release. Its principle is to sell a majority of in-game items in one place. Its original motto was(sort of) a direct attack towards Amazon's motto, "Yeah, but we've got lots of sand."
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The Sahara Logo

Their actual motto is, "We have a lot of stuff, but we have a lot of sand.”

There is a bunker under Sahara’s pile of diamonds which was built to prevent tragedy during the Demise event hosted by Grian, which is the Dragon Bros Bunker, formerly known as the Architech Bunker.


Sahara is a very large facility whose exterior is made mostly of concrete with large stained glass windows. It's composed of several buildings.

The warehouse is where all of Sahara's stock is stored. It's full of redstone decoders and item filters that allow the Sahara team to find customer orders and have it delivered to the shop front via ice ducts.

Shop Front

The shop front is where the customers can make and receive orders. It includes a nether portal and a news studio.


Partner Item(s)/Service Contractor
Stressmonster101 Ice, Packed Ice, Blue Ice Iskall85
Rendog Sahara Speedy Pines Iskall85
Xisumavoid Wither Rose Iskall85

Sahara Now


The NOW interface

The NOW interface is located on the 2nd floor of the Shop Front, in a small alcove with the NOW logo plastered on the wall above it. Membership for Sahara NOW costs 100 diamonds.

Sahara NOW members will get random deals for low prices, which includes the shulker box the items came in.

Mumbo Jumbo, Grian and Iskall85 had a competition on who can sell the most Sahara Now memberships.

Iskall85 went around selling them.

Mumbo Jumbo made a custom-named zombie that whenever it killed him, it posted in the chat "Mumbo Jumbo was slain by Msg. me to purchase a Sahara Now membership!”

Grian built a giant blimp containing a giant question mark and red arrow plastered to the side of it.

Sahara Express

Sahara Express is a convenience store that sells food, rockets, basic materials and building materials. It is located in Hermitville.

Sahara Speedy Pines


ReNDoG's Speedy Pines, in Hermit Land, is a Sahara branded iceboat racetrack. Sahara purchased the rights to the racetrack and funded the ice required to build it.

Sahara Fuel

Sahara Fuel

The first Sahara Fuel location, near the first Hermit Land sign

Sahara Fuel is a shop that sells rockets, ender pearls and XP. It is located in Hermit Land.

Sahara Jackpot

Sahara Jackpot is a concept created by iskall85.

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