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Red3yz was a male Hermit who first joined the Hermitcraft server in Season 1. His first video was released on August 10, 2012. He was known for not being great at building but making amazing mob farms and being great at redstone.

Season 1

Red3yz made his base as a small shack made of jungle wood. He did not get to do a lot as his work got in the way. He was known for making big mob farms that helped out all Hermits. He was known to be good friends with Hypnotizd and did a lot of collaborations with XisumaVoid.

Season 2

In Season 2, he most notably started working on farms for cacti and most of the different types of mobs. His time on Hermitcraft was cut short as his job was taking priority. Every time he uploaded, Hypnotizd was known for commenting that he was glad that Red3yz was able to get time away from his job to play Hermitcraft. He stopped uploading after Episode 5 because he could not find the time to produce videos. He was still playing, and did post two fights with Keralis and Sl1pg8r.



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