Ren, better known online as rendog, is a South African Gaming YouTuber, and is an active member of the HermitCraft server. He joined HermitCraft at the beginning of Season 4, along with Iskall85, Welsknight, cubfan135 and GoodTimeWithScar.  He is currently a full-time YouTuber and uploads about every other day. He originally gained his fame through his let's play Terreria series. This series ended on episode 99 for no apparent reason. His next biggest series was his let's play Minecraft series with the first episode reaching over 1.4 million views as of October 2017.

Let's PlaysEdit

Rendog's let's play Minecraft series was very popular and grew his subscriber and view count greatly. He then made 5 series of the same world each with 100 episodes in them. He finished at season 5 episode 34 because he claimed that it brought back to many bad memories. He then created a new let's play Minecraft series on September 12 2017.