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PythonGB, known as Python for short is a Former Hermit. He joined Hermitcraft in the middle of Season 3 and was an active member of Hermitcraft ever since with a few months of inactivity spread out across the seasons. PythonGB was originally whitelisted on Season 7 but has since been removed so is now a Former Hermit. He is a Youtuber with 5 YouTube channels. His main one, PythonGB, has 620k subscribers.[1] His second channel, Python2, has 35K subscribers, PythonMC, his Minecraft channel, has 499K subscribers[2] and, PythonLIVE with 31.2K subscribers.

Season 3

PythonGB joined very late into the season, building a village in an amplified area. He originally challenged himself to use only stone-based blocks and not wood blocks, but this did not last long. He would later go on to build a floating island in Hermit Hills.

Season 4

PythonGB made a farm and treehouse as his starter base in episodes 1 and 2. In the fifth episode, PythonGB created a redstone shop, and soon after that he made a "Sea City". He also joined a group called The Logfellas.

Season 5

PythonGB's starter base was inside a small mountain. He challenged himself to create a mega underground base that had a pillar emerging from the ground. Much later in the season he made a large mansion.

Season 6

From the very beginning, PythonGB made it his goal to establish bases all over Hermitcraft instead of relying on one singular base. This season was very different than the last one, in that the community was closer together, which PythonGB took advantage of, collaborating with more hermits than he ever had before. From the very first episode, he had his sights on the Modern District, which would ultimately end up being his most ambitious project yet, though he made a simple house as a starter base. His first official project was the Aquatic Dome: the first base to be set up in the Aquatic District, after which he started on his Tower Bay: a project with XisumaVoid which would lead him to the point of not appearing on Hermitcraft for a few months due to the project tiring him. However, with new enhancements and friendly hermits to help him along the way, he was able to start back up and this time with a new project at the Medieval District. This would see the Lake of Life be built: a base showcasing the beauty of the Minecraft natural phenomena.


  • Shulker Shop
  • Flower Shop

Outside of Hermitcraft

He has done Minecraft in single player and as well with other Minecrafters, one of which was Pixlriffs on Harmony, who speaks on Hermitcraft Recap.

PythonGB is also one of the most notable Terraria players, making that most of why he has left Hermitcraft. Hermitcraft is more of a commitment and takes more time and effort than Terraria and doesn't succeed as much to him.

Recently, PythonGB joined the LegacySMP server.



Minecraft Skins

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