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Poultry Man is a mysterious hero-like man in a chicken costume. His equipment includes an almost infinite supply of eggs, thanks to his chickens. He wears white leather pants, yellow leather boots, a chicken head, and elytra with Mending and Unbreaking. He has similarities to Batman since Grian's favourite comic book character is Batman.

History And Appearances

Poultry Man first appeared in Grian's Season 6: Episode 22. During the episode, he filled the Architech mail system with chicken. He then renamed a stack of eggs to "Poultry Man Strikes Again!" and threw them. He then reveals that he has more stacks of eggs that he renamed to "POULTRY MAN IS DEFINITELY NOT GRIAN" "Poultry man strikes again!" "Poultry man is the best hero" and "Poultry man is the hero Hermitcraft deserves" and proceeded to throw them all into the waiting system, hoping it would fill it with more chickens. He then dived underwater to check the pipes. Everything seemed to be going well. He then noticed tridents being thrown out of nowhere. He randomly fired his own trident, and killed a Drowned, which dropped a trident! He continued to check the pipes. Later, he went back to his base. He then checked MumboJumbo 's base, and it turned out some of the chickens have arrived! Poultry Man is HermitCraft’s first hero. Plus, Poultry Man has a Poultry Cave with a giant egg.

During the Civil War, Poultry Man went into hiding and retirement, only to return months later in ImpulseSV's Season 6: Episode 98 when he was building a minigame, Poultry Man appeared out of nowhere and started spamming eggs.

In Grian’s Season 6: Episode 98, he made another appearance. He was patrolling the Halloween District when he saved GoodTimesWithScar from a creeper. He was also mentioned in Grian's 50 Ways to Mess With Your Friends in Minecraft video.

In Grian's Season 6: Episode 110, he revealed that he was Poultry Man. He then passes on the Poultry Man legacy to anyone who downloads the world by leaving all the materials in his base.

The Poultry Cave

The Poultry Cave is Poultry Man's mysterious underground headquarters under Grian's base. It had a giant sandstone egg containing his chicken farm, The Poultry Computer, quartz stand with the armour stand displaying a chicken costume.

Common Quotes

  • Poultry Man Strikes again!
  • It wasn't me, it was the man in the chicken costume!
  • “My job here is done” “But you didn’t do anything!” “Exactly!”


  • Grian's Season 6: Episode 22, 31, 34, 40, 98 and 110.
  • ImpulseSV's Season 6: Episode 98.
  • 50 ways to mess with your friends in Minecraft.
  • He also appeared in one of MumboJumbo's live stream on his witch farm. He was finishing up and ended the stream with him optifine zooming in ¨and there is a man in a chicken costume¨   [citation needed]
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