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ODEA was an unsuccessful shop, quoted by MumboJumbo as "too good for the Hermitcraft server" in the Season 7 Shopping District. The shop was owned by MumboJumbo, and sells redstone builds in a shulker box, ready to assemble. It is modelled on the Swedish furniture store IKEA. Hermits find the build they would like in a showroom, before buying the parts in a warehouse at the end. This build should not be confused with IDEA from season 6. It sounds like "Oh Dear!", as XisumaVoid says. Iskall85 was given a tour of ODEA, and is an official partner of the The Omegastore. The store also has a website - odea.store.

The ODEA convenience store as of the end of season 7


Products Price
Ender Station (Slutar stationen) 5 diamonds
Storage Silo (Lagringssilo) 7 diamonds
3x3 Piston door (3x3 Kolvdörr) 10 diamonds
Popout Staircase (Poppa ut trapporna) 5 diamonds
Armour-equipping station (Rustning utrustning station) 5 diamonds
2x2 Piston door (2x2 Kolvdörr) 6 diamonds
Water Elevator (Vatten hiss) 7 diamonds


All the tutorials for the builds listed above can be found at the official website of ODEA - odea.store. MumboJumbo had to record and create a video for each design. Click the following picture and the tutorial will play.

Build Now, Pay Later

MumboJumbo installed builds in hermits' bases without having them necessarily telling him to install builds in their bases.

Hermit Merchandise Price Location
TangoTek 2x2 Kolvdörr 6 Diamonds His Toon Towers
Keralis 3x3 Kolvdörr 10 Diamonds His bank building
StressMonster101 Slutar stationen 5 Diamonds Her nether portal
BdoubleO100 Rustning utrustning station 5 diamonds One of his towers