dThe Mycelium Resistance or Turf War is a movement created by Grian whose purpose is to reintroduce mycelium[1] into the Shopping District in small patches (sometimes along with a Mycelium Resistance sign). According to him, the mycelium will spread if it isn't removed. XisumaVoid removed the mycelium thinking it came from the big patch under his shops, but Grian added more.

A mycelium patch next to the Barge being quarantined by the Hermit Environmental Protection Agency

Soon, GoodTimesWithScar sent H.E.P. (Hermit Environmental Protection) agents to extract the mycelium, However, one of the agent's name was misspelled to H.R.P., leading Grian to wonder its meaning. The mycelium has since grown out of the H.E.P. Agents' control and spread beyond the protective border put up, thanks to Grian, who helped by placing more mycelium blocks. Afterwards, the H.E.P Agents were fired by GoodTimesWithScar for failure to contain the mycelium.

Similar to GoodTimesWithScar's appearance when he first went to The Upside-Down Mansion, the H.E.P. agents are armour stands wearing ice heads and yellow leather armour.

While GoodTimesWithScar originally had great approval, his taxation has lead to an increase in Mycelium Resistance popularity, and a decrease in his popularity. Then after the Diamond Throne was replaced, he declared war against the Resistance. REMEMBER, IT'S A MATTER OF PRINCIPLE.

Later, Grian and ImpulseSV spied on the HEP when they were having a meeting and collected information about the members. All was well until Grian wearing a Bdubs head, lost balance and fell off the roof of the HEP HQ and fell in front of the HEP members and pretended that they were looking for Decked Out boxes. To get out of trouble, they retreated back to their HQ with the information.

Shortly after that, GoodTimesWithScar and TangoTek, both members of the HEP, infiltrated the redstone contraptions of the vault that contained the Diamond Throne and heisted it and brought it back to GoodTimesWithScar. However, the throne is gone again as it was "bought" by the resistance as part of the mycelium buyback program (which obviously backfired horribly on GoodTimesWithScar).

Mycelium Patches

There are many discovered resistance mycelium patches, including one in front of Bernie the Leaf Master, and one next to Grian's Barge (aka The Grian Emporium), and one other in Rendog's mesa area near Bigger Logz Inc. There are also patches around Main Street, Scar's Landscaping Shop and the Hermit Environmental Protection Agency HQ.

Grian also made a bridge of mycelium going over Main Street connecting the two passages, which was to be called the Mycelium Highway. However, since the Mycelium Highway is going to be underground, it is more like a Mycelium Bridge now.

In his Episode 956, XisumaVoid, who is a HEP member, does a mass removal of 3 different patches.

Grian and Ren released a bunch of sheep in the shopping district, which ate the grass in order to spread mycelium. The H.E.P. Then released wild wolves to kill the sheep.

The Barge/The Grian Empourium

Grian also decided to sell mycelium in the barge to get more members. If someone buys mycelium, a passage opens up into the Resistance Headquarters.

GoodTimesWithScar has officially banned mycelium in the district, however, mycelium is still exists in patches unconnected to the "Resistance". BdoubleO100 also removed mycelium ignorant of the resistance, similar to XisumaVoid. One other place is in the far northern reaches of the island, where GoodTimesWithScar hasn't replaced the native mycelium with grass yet.

Mycelium Resistance original HQ and recruitment center

The Mycelium Resistance Recruitment Center

Grian built a secret base for the Mycelium Resistance under the Grian Emporium (before he dug too far down and into TangoTek's mini-game, Decked Out) accessible by putting two diamonds (the price for a stack of mycelium) in the mycelium chest in the Barge.

It features small caves leading nowhere, meant to look like dark tunnels spreading all under the shopping district. A small table and several decorational mushroom farms dot the room. To get out you walk through the painting and exit through a secret trapdoor right next to the Barge.

EthosLab has added a second chamber, including a mycelium harvesting area. He also added several items to the billboard, including his head, a slogan (Spread the spores, mycelium the floors), and an idea to add an advertisement to the town news board.

ImpulseSV has added a "Mushroom Soup Vending Machine," and his head to the board. Also, he built a much bigger mycelium farm at his industrial district for the resistance.

Grian started making an underground Mycelium Highway to connect to all the shops in the Shopping District before the first HQ was abandoned.

Mycelium Resistance HQ and base: 2.0

Picture of HQ

Grian later announced in his first meeting that they will change the location of the headquarters to avoid anyone discovering it. They will never show the entrance on-camera but will show the inside from time to time. The old headquarters was abandoned, removing all traces of members of the Resistance and adding a sign saying "I heard that Mumbo Jumbo is the leader of the Resistance" (which is a false statement meant to mislead).

The coordinates are unavailable on this page(Though they have been discovered and confirmed), as Grian requested for it to remain a mystery. However, according to Etho, there supposedly isn't a tunnel leading to it from the Decked Out Minigame.

The base contains a "mother mycelium block" that spreads the spores throughout the island. The room is mostly composed of quartz and has four doors leading out of it. In the center of the main room is a meeting table. On one side there is a member board with BdoubleO100's head, or "Game Faces"

There is also a mycelium storage room, and a red and white room where Grian and Renthedog bred all the sheep and mooshrooms.

Fake HQ and other Impulse Diversions

ImpulseSV made a second version HQ, which was an exact copy of the actual HQ (except for 2 torches at the side of the HQ), and ended up with FalseSymmetry walking into that HQ and getting the wrong information that the Resistance had put up. The fake HQ was next to the ladder next to the HWF arena, and when pressed, a piston door opens to a corridor, which one way leads to a button trap, which Cubfan135 had fallen into a pit of zombies from triggering. But ImpulseSV had added a secret door hidden that lead to the actual fake headquarters. FalseSymmetry dodged the trap but went into the fake HQ and collected the wrong info. [1]

When operating tasks, all members must wear a BdoubleO100 head as a mask.

The fake members are:

Mumbo Jumbo with Mother Spore

Iskall85 with Head of Recruitment

Hypnotizd with Head of Shenanigans

Welsknight with Head of Diversionary Tactics

StressMonster101 with Head of R&D (Though she is now an official member of the resistance)

Buying the Diamond Throne

When GoodTimesWithScar announced that the HEP would hand out 5 diamonds for 2 stacks of mycelium, Grian called an emergency meeting and told the resistance that "Scar foolishly decided to buy 2 stacks of mycelium for 5 diamonds", and that they could take diamonds from the Thron". After demolishing a Mooshroom Island to replenish another Mooshroom Island (Something RenDog didn't approve of) they took down the Diamond Throne. However, Grian claimed that ImpulseSV was the true hero of this operation as he had collected 36 shulker boxes full of mycelium already and they took all the Diamonds on the throne and hid them at their secret base vault. they replaced the blocks with mycelium blocks and shulkers filled with mycelium.


Name Role Joined:
Grian[2] Founder/mother spore When GoodTimesWithScar killed most of the mycelium in the shopping district to replace it with grass.
ImpulseSV Head of Diversionary Tactics When he bought mycelium at the barge for his greenhouse. When he saw which way the Turf War was going, he decided to join the Resistance.
Rendog Head of R&D (Research and Development)

Grian says that Rendog is the head of Ren & Dog

When he saw the Mycelium Resistance in action and wanted to join. He correctly guessed that purchasing mycelium would alert the resistance of his devotion to the cause. One of the reasons he wanted to join was that he wanted to bring justice to Pamela, mooshroom cow who lived in the Shopping District island and Ren had decided to keep her. He wanted to bring justice to Pamela's home land by bringing back Mycelium.
xBCrafted Head of Recruitment When he saw what was going on, he decided to join the Resistance.
iJevin Head of Farming When he heard of the Resistance he decided to join it for no real reason.
EthosLab Head of Shenanigans When he bought Mycelium on a whim, he alerted GoodTimesWithScar of his membership, plans to be a secret agent and give GoodTimesWithScar information in exchange for diamonds. However, he decided to join the Resistance and gave totally wrong information to Scar in exchange of one diamond block.
StressMonster101 Head of Investigation When she was in the shopping district, she accidentally stumbled upon the secret resistance headquarters. Grian was forced to induct her in order to preserve the secrecy of the Resistance.

Sheep eating all the grass from the Shopping District

To be noted: Mumbo Jumbo is a unofficial member for this reasoning: "He helped Iskall85 replace the diamond throne with Mycelium which makes him a honorary member according to Grian."


Name Contributions to HQ and other Buildings Mycelium patches planted/expanded and other Spore spreading activities
Grian The start of the original Recruitment HQ. He has also dug out the start of the permanent HQ and built a room for the Mycelium Source Block. One in front of Bernie and one next to the barge. He connected then over a road but Xisumavoid removed it. Flooded the shopping district with Sheep "Agents".
ImpulseSV A giant version of EthosLab's mycelium farm next to his base, as well as a mushroom soup dispenser. He is also the Head of Diversionary Tactics, and made a trap to kill Cubfan135 (which succeded) and an exact replica of the Mycelium Resistance HQ with totally incorrect information, which FalseSymmetry took back to the Heip (as Grian calls it) None
EthosLab A small but innovative mycelium farm that became the standard design for the Resistance, and the Emergency Meeting Button in the new HQ. He made the rockets on TangoTek's shop mushrooms, made mushroom heads over GoodTimesWithScars and Jellies' heads on Mt. Scarmore, and made a mushroom monster next to the landscaping shop.
Rendog Made a red and white room in which Grian puts sheep, which is part of a scheme to get rid of grass and consequently replace with mycelium in the Shopping District. A small patch hidden in a dippet in the mesa area surrounding Bigger Logz. Used the Moo-plicator to flood the shopping district with Mooshroms
xBCrafted None He and IJevin planted patches around the landscaping shop and at Lookie Lookie at my Bookie.
StressMonster101 None None
IJevin None A small patch surrounding stuff that is free to all who oppose GoodTimesWithScar, and he helped xBCrafted plant mycelium next to the landscaping shop and Lookie Lookie at my Bookie

Note: All members except StressMonster101 helped "buy" the Diamond Throne.

  1. Info of base removed, go to the bottom of the comments if you wish to know
  2. This is not a place for false info. Grian is the leader of the resistance and if you didn't know now you do.
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