FARMS and Hermit Challenging is MumboJumbo's second episode of Season 7. It was uploaded on 1 March 2020


In this episode, MumboJumbo trades with Iskall85, builds a pumpkin and melon farm along with a super smelter in his hobbit hole and constructs the "Hermit Challenges" area, a place where two or more hermits meet to challenge each other.


In the second episode of Season 7, MumboJumbo is finding diamonds, then Iskall85 is offering him bones for two diamonds per stack. After some negotiation, Iskall85 reduces the price to one diamond per stack, but MumboJumbo does not buy any. He creates two farms: a pumpkin/melon farm a design from Ilmango, and a supersmelter. Later, MumboJumbo summons Iskall85 for the Hermitcraft Challenges.

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