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Reconstructed Mount GOATmore reconstructed by Docm77 and BdoubleO100


The original Mount GOATmore


Mount GOATmore with the face BdoubleO100 and Keralis made

Mount GOATmore is a mountain sculpture of a goat built by Docm77 in his Season 7: Episode 2. In Keralis's Season 7: Episode 9 and BdoubleO100's Season 7: Episode 5, BdoubleO100 and Keralis both pranked Mount GOATmore by putting a diamond block over an observer that triggers TNT to blow up Mount GOATmore. They accidentally triggered the redstone, then replaced the goat with a derpy-looking face.


Docm77 and BdoubleO100 agreed to rebuild Mount GOATmore's face, which they did. Docm77 then built a platform that has a flying machine. When one goes on the flying machine, they put a head in to a barrel nearby. Then, the flying machine goes up to Mount GOATmore's face. There is a 50%/50% of Mount GOATmore approving or disapproving of the user. If Mount GOATmore approves of the user, they will give them a 'wink' with a diamond block. If Mount GOATmore disapproves, a guardian will cone into Mount GOATmore's eye and laser them to death. Whether the goat approves or not, the flying machine will return to its original location.


  • Its name is a pun on Mount Rushmore and the acronym GOAT (Grind, Optimise, Automate, Thrive), which is Docm77's motto for Season 7.
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