Monkeyfarm is an inactive Hermit who joined in Season 1.

Season 1

Monkeyfarm would upload his first Hermitcraft video on the 27th July 2012. He joined mid-way through Season 1. Monkeyfarm would set up his main base on an island of the coast of HermitVille. It was a large monument built primarily out of cobblestone.

Monkeyfarm needed quartz for his base, and instead of going to the nether to mine it, he set up a trading shop where a player would receive 1 nether brick for every quartz block donated. Unfortunately, Monkeyfarm would never complete his base, as he became inactive alongside many Hermits during the last few months of Season 1.

Season 2

Monkeyfarm returned to Hermitcraft when Season 2 was launched in June 2013. He set up in a mountain in Old Hermiton, where he would build arguably one of the most iconic builds of Season 2 – the giant skull. During this time, he hired MumboJumbo to build a piston elevator which would take the player inside the skull.

MonkeyFarm New Hermiton

Monkeyfarm's New Hermiton house.

When New Hermiton was founded in October 2013, Monkeyfarm reserved a plot next to the main nether portal. For the longest time, Monkeyfarm left a 3x3 dirt house in the plot jokingly named “Monkeyfarm’s Mansion” which a running tradition dating back to Season 1. However, he would later return to construct a giant tree in the plot, which gave great views of the New Hermiton area. He would also go on to build a “Monkeyfarm’s Bad Advice Shop” in the shopping district. In this shop a player would throw a diamond in a hopper in exchange for bad advice. Examples included “Always dig straight down” and “Creeper’s are very friendly mobs and should always be approached”.

Season 3

Monkey Island

In Season 3, Monkeyfarm built a mega base in a massive body of water he called Monkey Lake. There was a small group of islands in the center where Monkeyfarm decided to build a large temple with an outer ring around it. He also built a large statue of his Minecraft skin, holding up a Death Star. This would be known as Monkey Island. The base was connected to the mainland via a railway track which connected his main nether portal to Monkey Island. Monkeyfarm would make his last Season 3 episode in November 2015. This would be Monkeyfarm's final episode ever on Hermitcraft but not the last time he appeared on the server.

Season 4

Monkeyfarm would not upload any episodes in Season 4, however, he would make an appearance on the launch day of the Season where he was in a call with the other Hermits. It is assumed Monkeyfarm did the normal survival grind and propmtly left due being burnt out on Minecraft. Monkeyfarm would officially leave Hermitcraft in December 2016 due to being inactive for over a year.

Monkeyfarm has expressed an interest in returning to the group. He revealed in the comments section on one of his Youtube videos he had contacted XisumaVoid about returning to the server. XisumaVoid politely declined his offer, saying the server was 'full' at the moment.

Minecraft Skins

Monkey Farm


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