The maps from each season can be downloaded at the end of each season from the Hermitcraft Website where they can be found under the Maps section on the left-hand side of the web-page.

Download Links

You can download the Minecraft Map from the Official Hermitcraft website and explore them in Minecraft. Notice: These files are hosted by Hermitcraft on their official website.[1]

Hermitcraft Vanilla
Season 1: Download as .ZIP file
Season 2: Download as .ZIP file
Season 3: Download as .ZIP file
Season 4: Download as .ZIP file
Season 5: Download as .ZIP file
Season 6: Download as .ZIP file
Season 7: While Season 7 is still ongoing, the Map Seed is WLLBYUG.
Gamemode 4 Download as .ZIP file
FTB Ultimate Download as .ZIP file
FTB Unleashed Download as .ZIP file
FTB Monster Download as .ZIP file
Modsauce Download as .ZIP file
FTB Infinity Download as .ZIP file
Modsauce 2 Download as .ZIP file
HermitPack Download as .ZIP file
Hermit Skies Download as .ZIP file

How to download for Java[2]

Download a world

Download the file from one of the link above. Once you download it search of the downloaded file at the downloads folder on Windows by default

Extract the world

This is necessary if your file is a .zip or .rar.

  1. Extract the file if the file format is .rar
  2. If you see a folder named region and a file named level.dat, then you're good to go! Extract the folders to your desktop.
  3. If not, the files are probably there, you just have to dig deeper. Some might have two folders named __MACOSX and your_save. Check the your_save folder until you see region and level.dat. Once you find them, extract the folders to your desktop.

Importing into Minecraft

Now that we have the files, we're going to put them in the .minecraft folder.

  1. Copy the folder off your desktop (i.e. copy the folder one directory above region and level.dat).
  2. Open the .minecraft folder. The default directory for .minecraft for Windows on %APPDATA%\.minecraft for macOS on ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft and for Linux on ~/.minecraft
  3. Open the saves folder.
  4. You will notice all your worlds are here.
  5. Paste the folder (Ctrl + V or ⌘ Cmd + V) into the saves folder.
  6. Open the new folder and check to make sure it has this folder and file in it, all right under your_save.
  7. Once they're all there, launch the game, and the world can now be found in your worlds list.
  8. Find the folder in Minecraft

Find the folder in Minecraft

  1. Once Minecraft opens, click "Singleplayer"
  2. The name of the folder you copied will be the grayed out name under the world name.
  3. The new save is usually all the way at the bottom, but that's not always the case. You might need to do some hunting.
  4. Once you found it, load it up and have fun! You may have to back up the world if it was saved in a different version of Minecraft.

Alternate Instructions

If you found the above instructions confusing, here is a simpler explanation:

  1. Download the world file (usually in .zip or .rar) format
  2. Extract it
  3. Find the .minecraft folder
  4. Look for the saves folder
  5. If the extracted content contains many files and folders, create a new folder
  6. Copy all the extracted content into that folder
  7. Open up Minecraft and it will be in your selection of saved worlds

Map Photos


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