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Jessassin is an inactive Hermit who joined in Season 1. He has been active for parts of seasons 1, 2, 4, and 6, generally uploading only a handful of episodes during each season he participated in. He is an American youtuber with 46,400 subscribers.

Season 1

Jessassin joined midway through Hermitcraft Season 1 and created an underwater base of the coast of Hermitville. Jessassin also had a running joke with Generikb in where, Generikb would deliberately mispronounce Jessassin's name, instead saying Jessassassin.

Season 2

Jessassin set up in a plot in Old Hermiton he contributed to the town's infrastructure by building a bridge which connected VenomKisser's and Hypnotizd's houses to the main town area. Jessassin only produced a handful of episodes during Season 2, preferring to mainly stream. Jessassin uploaded his final Season 2 episode in October 2013, although he did stream for a few more months on the server.

Season 4

After being absent during Season 3, Jessassin returned to the vanilla Hermitcraft server. In his second episode Jessassin did an 'achievement spam' which essentially involved him getting as many achievements as possible in a short space of time. However, Jessassin's time in Season 4 was short-lived and he left the server after producing his third episode.

Season 6

Jessassin claimed a handful of islands of the coast of the main island. After not playing vanilla Minecraft since Season 4, he had to get to grip with many of the new features and mechanics the game had to offer. However, Jessassin would only produce 5 episodes this season, his final episode being a world tour of the server. Jessassin has expressed interest in returning to the Hermitcraft server, but due to YouTube not being his job, he does not have as much time to record as the other Hermits do. However if Hermitcraft ever does another modded server, he believes he would play on that.


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