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Iskall85, also known simply as Iskall, is a Swedish YouTuber and member of Hermitcraft. He joined at the start of Season 4 alongside Cubfan135, Welsknight, ReNDoG and GoodTimesWithScar. He has amassed over 1,280,000 subscribers[1] on his YouTube channel. He is also a fierce critic of diorite because 'it looks like bird poop.'.

Season 4

Iskall joins the server, supposedly kills the log father, and begins a small prank fight with VintageBeef over diorite.

Season 5

Iskall had a concrete mushroom island that produced iskallium, which he divided in half with Rendog. It is also home to Señor Bumbo Cactoni and Gumbo Beartoni live.

Season 6

Iskall's base is at a Ice Island in the ocean near a Desert biome. Iskall has Ice Crystals surrounding the main egg base. There used to be a large grey worm vomiting stone, but it has since been removed.

Iskall now has a second base on a mushroom island next to an ocean monument where he has multiple farms, including his failed villager trading hall that he used as competition against Mumbo Jumbo's in their bet to see who could make a better trading hall, which led to Mumbo creating Nuggets For Diamonds (NFD).

Iskall is also part of Architechs. Iskall was invited on Grian's Season 6: Episode 53. He is now a redstoner alongside with Mumbo Jumbo. He did the redstone for Sahara with Mumbo Jumbo, as well as creating Sahara Fuel, a chain of “gas stations” which fuel you up on XP, rockets, and golden carrots. He is also largely credited with the creation of Sahara NOW which is actually more profitable than normal Sahara.

He was on the G-Team In the HermitCraft Season 6 Civil War. He is currently a dragon bro and the winner of Demise, which earned him 900 diamonds, although he shared some with Grian and MumboJumbo.

He auctioned his death away, which Impulse won. Grian then gave Impulse half the diamonds he spent and they collaborated to kill Iskall. It ended with Iskall being killed by his own hatred of diorite.

Season 7

His base plan is a gigantic tree in the middle of a jungle lake (referred as the Omegatree) where VintageBeef built a statue of a bird named Woody (later destroyed by the boomers after a bird poop incident). Iskall85 calls him Allan, the "pesky bird". After challenging MumboJumbo to do his challenge, build something beautiful with diorite, MumboJumbo later builds a chicken pooping out diorite. His starter base is a transformed abandoned mineshaft with a hobbit hole entrance. He participated in Hermit Challenges with MumboJumbo, where Iskall85 had to mine 10,000 blocks, and MumboJumbo had to tame a parrot. He mined the 10,000 blocks by making a slime farm, and Mumbo failed to complete his challenge and named a chicken 'parrot' instead. Iskall85 set up a trap in Grian's base to get the Tag 2: Electric Boogaloo from him and succeeded. He lost the Tag 2: Electric Boogaloo to StressMonster101 with an IOU after getting 16 points with it. Grian's Pesky Bird Delivery offered Iskall85 many logs and leaves to help him build his base. In exchange, Iskall85 paid 63 diamonds.



IskallMAN is Iskall85 wearing his own player head. IskallMAN does good deeds as a challenge from Hermit Challenges.

IskallMAN is currently helping StressMonster101 with her mayor campaign.

10,000 Diamonds

One of Iskall85's goals this season is to get 10,000 diamonds. He built a slime shop in the Shopping District. He has bought several empty plots in the Shopping District. In his Episode 28 he went on a mining session where he completed nearly a fifth of the 10,000 diamond goal by getting 2108 diamonds.[2] Then he invested 623 diamonds in Land at the Shopping District[3], 27 diamonds in Stressmonster101's mayor campaign and 270 diamonds in wood for his Omega Tree base[4]. He has invested half the diamonds that he got during his mining session.   [citation needed]

Outside of Hermitcraft

Outside of Hermitcraft, Iskall plays a lot of modded Minecraft, including a single-player series called Hermit Sky, a series named Funcraft as an excuse to not be on the server during Demise, and Enigmatica Expert Mode, an ongoing series where he plays with EthosLab.



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