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The Infinity Room is a type of multipurpose room in Hermitcraft. Although many have been created, and the concept is not necessarily new, it is a decently big thing within Hermitcraft. Infinity rooms appear as large voids of nothing with things inside them. They are made out of white maps, item frames, and glowstone or sea lanterns.


The first infinity room on Hermitcraft was created by Docm77, which used grey maps that he created over the end void. It was built in an area outside the Stock Exchange. He called this the 'Sensory Deprivation Chamber'.

Grian had independently come up with a similar concept in the same week, but didn't build his infinity room on the server until after Docm77's. Originally dubbed the 'Matrix Room', Grian's first infinity room used white maps which he created by flattening a snowy area. He later went on to coin the term 'Infinity Room'.

Notable Infinity Rooms

Architech Meeting Room

Grian's first infinity room was built as an Arcitech meeting room. The original design was whiteness with two wooden chairs. After the maps were Jingled, the place was restored to normal and the meeting began. It was later seen as without the chairs and with 'incriminating evidence' (a poultry man suit) in it.

Grian's original infinity room was rebuilt for another meeting. It was revealed that, despite taking everything back from the G-Team infinity room, Grian was still short on maps and item frames, leaving the exit undecorated. The room got an upgrade there, including new quartz chairs and an Architech logo.

How to Kill a Tango

For Grian's How to Kill a Tango entry, he created another infinity room. Grian pretended to hang TangoTek before dropping him into an infinity room. Tango was given lava and killed himself in the end.

G-Team Flag

As part of the Civil War, Grian protected one of the G-Team's flags using an infinity room. He had put the item frames on top of fence gates which were situated over lava, meaning that one wrong step would be a life off for an unsuspecting Team STAR member. Unfortunately for Grian, none of Team STAR's members died during Grian's two challenges, so they captured the flag.

MumboJumbo Kicked Off Team STAR

Again during the Civil war, Docm77 used another gray infinity room for himself and Rendog to confront Mumbo Jumbo about being a mole for the G-Team. MumboJumbo was then kicked out of Team STAR and was able to better assist the G-Team.

Sahara Infinity Rooms

Grian also built another two infinity rooms under the Sahara meeting room. The plan was to drop MumboJumbo and Iskall85 into the infinity room below and then for them to walk over the wrong spot and fall down into a second infinity room. The original size Grian intended ended up being incredibly laggy, so he had to make it smaller.

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