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ImpulseSV, also known simply as Impulse, is a YouTuber and Hermitcraft member. He joined in Season 3. ImpulseSV has 656,000 subscribers[1] on his YouTube channel. He is well-known for his farm designing skills and the tutorials he creates for his designs.

Season 3

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ImpulseSV joined the server and built a witch farm along with XisumaVoid, MumboJumbo, and TangoTek.

Season 4

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ImpulseSV built a base that is a replica of stark mansion with a vindicator named chef. Cubfan135 as a secret santa built him J.A.R.V.I.S.

Season 5

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ImpulseSV built a ocean monument base which goes from sea level to the sky and houses moving animals and villagers, he called it Atlantis.

Season 6


iTrade is the name of Impulse's shop in the Shopping District. It is a villager-based enchanted book store. The main level features a series of chests, each filled with a specific type of enchanted book. The bottom level is a trading room, where players can purchase trading goods such as crops and paper to trade with the villagers for emeralds. Originally, ImpulseSV charged a one-time fee of a season's pass for all services in the building. However, he eventually changed it so anyone could purchase books, but only pass-holders can trade in the bottom level facility.


He is the one who made the Breath over Death stations. He died with TangoTek in the game of Demise and made the most diamonds out of Demise second only to iJevin.

Season 7


ImpulseSV has currently made a guardian farm, a raid farm, a temporary blaze farm, a flower farm, a cocoa bean farm, a sea pickle, a wither rose farm, and bamboo, kelp, and sugar cane farms.

ImpulseSV built his kelp and sugar cane farms on the sides of his base on the bottom, and also built sea pickle farms and bamboo farms in compartments on the first floor of his base. He also converted the underwater area under his base into a drowned farm.

ImpulseSV has also utilized a flower forest biome to create bone meal, cocoa bean, and flower farms. His guardian farm is located at an ocean monument, and his raid farm is on top of the ocean, close to a savanna biome where there is a pillager outpost. ImpulseSV's ice farm was built in a snowy tundra biome far away from the rest of the Hermits.


He made a now decommissioned shop that would break a hole in the bedrock above the nether, Guardian Goodies, and where the bedrock breaking shop used to stand, Impulse's Em and Em Emporium. He has also collaborated with TangoTek to build Color Complete, a concrete, dye, and wool shop that is a rival to Keralis and XisumaVoid's Concrete shop.

His starter base was in a Desert Village.


ImpulseSV has built a base in the center of the ocean (lake) where all hermits build their bases around. He has currently built a base with 3 layers in a pyramid shape, with an auto-smelter running down the center of the base and automated kelp and sugar cane farms on the 4 underwater pillars holding up his base. He has also built 4 "arms" on top of the third layer of his base, which hold up a huge cylindrical structure that he built in his Episode 31. There is also a drowned farm in the underwater area directly below his base.

The Phineas Machine

Phineas machine

ImpulseSV built a randomizer that he named "The Phineas Machine", which is located on the second floor of his futuristic pyramid base. It randomly selects a farm for ImpulseSV to build. When a farm is built, ImpulseSV goes to the back of the Phineas Machine to flip a lever that turns on the light behind the farm's symbol. Later, ImpulseSV installed a resource pack where item frames do not show to better see which farms were done and which were not.

Outside of Hermitcraft


ImpulseSV has a secondary channel called ImpulseSV2. He posts his stream archives here.

Imp and Skizz

ImpulseSV has a relatively new channel that he created in April 2020. He does a Skyblock Evolution 1.16 series with youtuber MCSkizzleman, and he posts episodes on that channel.


  • ImpulseSV uses a resource pack which hides Totems of Undying when they are in his offhand and changes item frames so his farm list in Season 7 can be easily read.
  • One of his nicknames is "Impy", given to him by TangoTek.
  • ImpulseSV's username is based on the Impulse Drum and Bugle Corp in California he was part of between high school and college where he played the snare drum while the "SV" in his username is his real-life initials.



his skin after the button


ImpulseSV skin before the button


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