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How to Kill a Tango was a competition started by TangoTek in Season 6. The goal of the competition was to find the best way to kill an AFK Tango. ImpulseSV won. The participants were Cubfan135, ImpulseSV, Grian, XisumaVoid, and Docm77. the judges were Welsknight, GoodTimesWithScar, and FalseSymmetry.

Killing Machines

ImpulseSV (1st)

ImpulseSV decided TangoTek should die in a "derpy" way. A slime block pushed him along an ice track until a block dropped him into lava. He fell through, into water, and was pushed into a bubble column. At the top, he was hit by a potion and shot at by an angry ghast. He then moved to be shot by a drowned with a trident. He fell, and rose rapidly in a bubble to column to be blown up at the top of the platform. The machine actually killed him early, as the TNT activated faster. The TNT traveled up the water stream just behind TangoTek. A slime block at the top was supposed to launch him over the edge into a pool of water, but the TNT killed him too early. The stream would then carry him past an anvil meant to strike him, and down onto a pressure plate, activating a magma cube to kill him slowly as fireworks celebrated. The judges gave his trap a score of 27.

Cubfan135 (2nd)

Cubfan135 built a machine that attacked TangoTek with several nightmares. He was first locked in a box with water rising. Then sand fell down, suffocating him, before dropping him into a water stream. He activated a tripwire, triggering a long redstone line. An anvil flew off a tower thirty blocks away, bounced out of the ocean, and landed on TangoTek, killing him. The judges, specifically GoodTimesWithScar, were bribed by Cubfan135, but it was not enough to claim the victory. His score was 24.

Docm77 (3rd)

As the hermits arrived at Docm77's trap, phantoms began attacking them. This was not the trap. TangoTek walked backwards onto a pressure plate and a bunny head was dispensed on him. Then, an anvil fell on his head, killing him instantly. He respawned in a gray infinity room, with a villager head dispensed on him. The head was renamed "Dunce" and had a Curse of Binding enchantment. He found his way out and climbed a ladder to the surface. Docm77 received a 20 for his trap.

Grian (4th)

Grian's death trap was a little more simplistic in design. TangoTek stood on a trapdoor which dropped into an infinity room. Grian dropped a bucket of lava for TangoTek to kill himself with. His score was 19.

XisumaVoid (5th)

XisumaVoid's trap featured a different type of death. TangoTek stood on a block, which was removed, landing him in a room where the floor and walls constantly moved with pistons. Because of this, he was unable to break blocks, leaving him trapped forever. After a while, XisumaVoid came back to taunt TangoTek. He threw a firework, but he did not include an elytra. However, TangoTek magically produced an ender pearl to get him out of the eternal trap. XisumaVoid got a 15, but one judge disqualified him for not actually killing TangoTek.

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