The Hermitcraft Wiki is dedicated to being a highly reliable and useful resource for all information related to the Hermitcraft server, its members, and spin-off series. In order to achieve this, we require our contributors to follow a set of policies and guidelines documented here.

General Rules

Please do:

  • Be considerate towards others and assume good faith.
  • Keep information accurate, truthful, and relevant to Hermitcraft.
  • Follow our Manual of Style

Please do NOT:

  • Harass others or use discriminatory or offensive language, which includes swearing.
  • Advertise your own content or spam links.
  • Plagiarize content without a citation.
  • Vandalize wiki content or purposely add false information. This includes slogans such as "#shopatsahara" where it is not relevant.
  • Ask to be a member of Hermitcraft. Your comment will be removed for spam.
  • Reveal the Hermits' personal information without their permission.
  • Spam or create Community Feed posts that are unrelated to Hermitcraft.
  • Spam or create article comments that are unrelated to Hermitcraft.

Image Policy

Please do:

  • Give files clear, concise names with a relevant title.
  • Ensure you are not uploading a duplicate file (duplicates will be removed).
  • Please use either JPG or PNG file types.
  • Try not to include players' hot bars in images if and where possible.

Please do NOT:

  • Upload files which violate the FANDOM Terms of Use. This includes pornographic, discriminatory, or offensive images.
  • Upload images unrelated to Hermitcraft.
  • Upload poor quality images.
  • Upload fan art to a place other than your user page. It must be properly sourced and credited in the "Summary" section of the image upload.

Backseat Moderation

Backseat Moderation is enforcing the rules despite not being a moderator. If you know what you are doing, backseat moderation is OK, and may land you a position in our staff. If you do not know what you are doing, backseat moderation is not OK, and may land you a block. If you are not an admin (bureaucrat if you're warning an admin about the admin rules), follow the language guide below in order not to claim authority over the user.

Language Guide

  • Bad Language: "... or you will be blocked."
  • Good language: "... or an admin will block you."


If you have any questions or suggestions for our policies and guidelines, feel free to contact a wiki administrator.

Even if you're not a staff member, please read this. The rules in this tab are conduct guidelines for staff members. To apply, fill out this Google Form. Although it is not required, using proper grammar in your form will increase your chances of becoming approved. Non-serious applications are allowed, but they will be deleted as soon as they are seen.



  • Being verified on our Discord server. There is a link to the application form in #information.


  • More major contributions: (e.g. adding new information, creating pages)
  • Backseat moderation if you are doing it correctly
  • Not having disciplinary action taken on you recently

Using Rollback

Rollback undoes an edit in one click. The rollback script should only be used to revert vandalism (it hides the version undone). Otherwise, just undo the edit. Normal users should use undo whether they are reverting vandalism or not. When you use the rollback edit, alert an admin of the vandal so he or she can be appropriately punished. Failure do do so may mean the loss of your privilege.


Unless the user is acting in bad faith (e.g. vandalism, harassment, spamming), issue a warning on their first offence. Indefinite blocks should NEVER be given on one's first offence, even if the offence is in bad faith (e.g. vandalism, harassment, spamming). Indefinite blocks can be removed after 5 years if the user behaves well on other wikis.
When a user is blocked, it should be for a specific reason (e.g. "adding nonsense to a page"), not for something vague like "being disrespectful". The more specific, the better.

There are plenty of warning templates here.

Other Languages

If a user speaks a different language, it is preferred that you communicate with the user in their preferred language if they request it. The user can speak whatever language they want in personal communication, but otherwise, they are required to speak English.

  • Files should be given a relevant name. If you do not know how to name a file, see this blog.
  • Episodes are to be written as, "[Hermit]'s Season #: Episode #" (e.g. MumboJumbo's Season 7: Episode 5).
  • Use Arabic numerals when writing numbers, not Roman numerals.
    • Incorrect: MumboJumbo's Season VII: Episode V
    • Correct: MumboJumbo's Season 7: Episode 5
  • If a Hermit has not interacted with the server in a month, they are inactive.
  • Bold the title of an article.
  • Do not use contractions in articles.
    • Incorrect: Don't use contractions in articles.
    • Correct: Do not use contractions in articles.
  • Do not shorten Hermits' names in articles either.
    • Incorrect: When a Hermit enters Etho's Ice Shop, they must take off their shoes.
    • Correct: When a Hermit enters EthosLab's Ice Shop, they must take off their shoes.
  • The c in Hermitcraft is not capitalized.
    • Incorrect: HermitCraft Season 7 is the only season where no new Hermits have joined.
    • Correct: Hermitcraft Season 7 is the only season where no new Hermits have joined.
  • Use the subject's local "dialect" in an article (e.g. American English on an article of and American Hermit or any build they made and organization or event they started). Otherwise, there is no preference for a specific dialect of English. If you are unsure how one dialect spells a word, consult this Wikipedia guide.
    • However, use language intelligible to all varieties wherever it is possible.
    • When quoting, use their preferred national variety of English whether it is the article's variety or not. Do not reformat quotes to be grammatically correct. However, one may leave footnotes on grammatical mistakes explaining how they are incorrect only if they are universally considered mistakes.
  • Use the serial comma unless it would cause confusion.
  • When Hermit refers to a member of the Hermitcraft server, capitalize it.
    • Incorrect: When a hermit enters EthosLab's Ice Shop, they must take off their shoes.
    • Correct: When a Hermit enters EthosLab's Ice Shop, they must take off their shoes.
  • For writing dates, use the UTC time zone.
  • XisumaVoid's episodes should have redirects to them based on what number XisumaVoid gave the episode. For example, XisumaVoid's Episode 902 should redirect to XisumaVoid's Season 7: Episode 21.
  • When a subject's gender is unknown or neither male nor female, use the singular they.
    • Incorrect: When a Hermit enters EthosLab's Ice Shop, he must take off his shoes.
    • Incorrect: When a Hermit enters EthosLab's Ice Shop, he or she must take off his or her shoes.
    • Incorrect: When a Hermit enters EthosLab's Ice Shop, he/she must take off his/her shoes.
    • Correct: When a Hermit enters EthosLab's Ice Shop, they must take off their shoes.
  • NEVER use you in an article, use one.
    • Incorrect: When you enter EthosLab's Ice Shop, you must take off your shoes.
    • Incorrect: When one enters EthosLab's Ice Shop, one must take off one's shoes.
    • Correct: When one enters EthosLab's Ice Shop, they must take off their shoes.
  • When updating the Subscribers and Followers amount, put a footnote down saying "Last Updated: <date>". Click here to learn about footnotes.[1]
  • When writing lists, do so in alphabetical order.
  • Avoid the words amidst, amongst, whomst, and whilst. The -st suffix changes nothing and whilst is not used in American English.
  • Use the straight apostrophe (') and quotation marks ("), not the curly ones (‘ ’ “ ”).
  • Americans would read "10/3/20" as "October 3, 2020" while the British and Canadians would read it as "10 March 2020". To avoid confusion, simply write out the dates so people know by the written out month.
  • Do not use an em dash () or en dash () instead of a colon (:), round brackets (()), or quotation marks (" ').
  • Do not use the ampersand (&). Instead, spell out and.
  • The name of an article is italicized to distinguish it from the article's subject. "Rename MumboJumbo" refers to the article; "Rename MumboJumbo" refers to the YouTuber.
  • Plural and possessive suffixes should be in links; however, punctuation should not.


  1. This is a footnote

Protection is when only Content Moderators and up are allowed to edit a page. Semi-protection prevents unautoconfirmed users from editing a page. Move protection only prevents a page from being renamed. Only Content Moderators and up can protect pages. Pages may be protected temporarily to stop an edit war or to prevent frequent vandalism.

Pages That Should Be Protected

  • The Main Page
  • The profiles of Content Moderators and up. The profile's owner can unprotect their profile if they desire.
  • Policy Pages

Pages That Should Be Semi-Protected

Semi-protection not only prevents new users who do not know the Manual of Style from damaging the wiki. It also directs them to more obscure pages where help is more needed.

  • High-visibility pages
    • The current season
    • Popular Hermits
    • Current events
  • High-use templates


  • If you are blocked and would like to appeal it, do so on an admin's Community Central, not on another Wiki the admin works on. If you harass the admins on other Wikis, your block will be extended.
  • If you were blocked on another wiki, do not follow the admin or anyone associated with them here to complain.
  • If you believe the admin who blocked you was acting in bad faith, talk to another admin who is not affiliated with the blocking admin about it (preferably one with a higher rank). The blocking admin, fearing the exposure of their bad faith, will probably take further disciplinary action to prevent themself from being disciplined.


  • Sockpuppets, unapproved second accounts, are NEVER acceptable. If you want to create a second account, ask a staff member for permission; then they will consider it. Sockpuppets will be blocked indefinitely.
  • If a sockpuppet is being used to evade a ban, the block on your original account will be extended.

All the rules listed on this page apply on Discord.


Although anyone can chat in #verification and #for-non-members and see the rest of Discord, to be able to chat in the rest of Discord, you need to be a wiki member who has made at least one good contribution (anything that the staff do not have to revert) on the Wiki's mainspace. When you join the server, a bot will send you a message in the #verification channel with instructions on the use of a bot command to verify yourself. An admin can also verify you manually.

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