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The Hermitcraft Recap logo, which is always included in the introductions and the script by ZloyXP, "this week, on Hermitcraft"

Hermitcraft Recap is a YouTube channel hosted by Pixlriffs and ZloyXP. The channel produces weekly videos that recap the Hermits' activity during the previous week; however, the channel is not affiliated with Hermitcraft server and is 'a show by fans for fans'. They upload every Sunday, so hermits who upload during or after the weekdays will not be included in the videos.

It has been known for getting hate in its early days for glossing over smaller channels like ZombieCleo and JoeHills who would have done a lot of work in the week but focusing on bigger YouTubers like MumboJumbo and XisumaVoid who would have not done as much work. They later changed their format, so now they go through every Hermit's videos.

Notable Quotes

"this week, on hermitcraft... welcome to the hermitcraft recap! My name is Pixlriffs, our writer is ZloyXP"

Series covered by Hermitcraft Recap

Main Series
Season 4 YouTube Playlist
Season 5 YouTube Playlist
Season 6 YouTube Playlist
Season 7 YouTube Playlist
Hardcore Hermit 1 YouTube Playlist
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