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Grians Season 6: Episode 91

Hermitcraft Alpha, also known as Hermitcraft Season -14, is the name given to the Alpha version 1.2.6 world Grian, Rendog and ImpulseSV ended up in after traveling in Grian's Time Machine. The world appeared in Grian's Season 6: Episode 91, Rendog's Season 7: Episode 9, and ImpulseSV's Season 6: Episode 97.

Hermits in this "Season"

  • Grian - did most of the things on the surface and helped Ren build their base.
  • Rendog - did part of the mining with Impulse and built their base with Grian.
  • ImpulseSV - did the other part of mining.
  • Herobrine - actually ImpulseSV. Stood just in render distance for Grian to see, left soon after.
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