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Hermitcraft, also written as HermitCraft, is a vanilla and modded whitelisted Minecraft Server started in April 2012 by Generikb. They have had a total of eight Minecraft worlds and they are currently in their seventh vanilla season. The server is currently administered by XisumaVoid, who was one of the earliest members of the server. The members of the Hermitcraft servers are Minecraft YouTubers who have been recognised by other Hermits and have been invited to join.

Hermitcraft has had many worlds on Vanilla and Modded, each with the same or different players. Many people have been invited to join the server over the years, and many people have left at their own discretion. Many of these players originated from the Mindcrack server, a server that inspired Hermitcraft. These Hermits include BdoubleO100 and Docm77. Others have originated from smaller servers such as Kingdomcraft, such as Iskall85 and GoodTimesWithScar. Each of these players collaborate on the server as they please. Hermitcraft also has a website Hermitcraft Website, there you can find all of the new videos and livestreams schedule from every hermit.

Some mini-games that are now played throughout Minecraft have been invented on the Hermitcraft server. The game 'TAG! YOU'RE IT!' was invented by Grian in Season 6, where one tries to get rid of a tag as fast as possible if they receive it. Grian also invented 'Hot Potato', where a dare is presented if one somehow manages to get the spud in their inventory. Other unique inventions that the members of the Hermitcraft server have made include a Santa that is themed around the Temple of Notch by FVDisco, built by MumboJumbo; and BoomBox, a game about TNT made by TangoTek in Season 3 and Season 6.

Hermitcraft sometimes hosts server-wide events and activities for all the members to partake in and the audience to enjoy. For example, in The Prank War of Season 6, two sides of the Hermitcraft server fought due to pranks that were made before the war. Hermitcraft have also invented their own gameshows. ZedaphPlays in particular invented 'Is that sheep looking at me?' where three contestants played games involving sheep. This was played in Season 5 and Season 6.

Hermitcraft is meant to be a safe environment for everyone. All of the hermits try to make sure none of their fans spread hatred. Cases like this often appear around large group events, such as the Prank War in Season 6 and the Mayor Election in Season 7. Everyone wants to make sure that Hermitcraft is as non-toxic as possible, for not only the hermits enjoyment but also the viewers.

Outside of the Server

Hermitcraft has also been involved in raising money for charities, such as Love Tropics by Grian, where he grew many trees on the Season 6 world to thank people for donating money. Grian has also done a collaborative livestream with Rendog for SOS Africa. They have also been involved in Make a Wish, a charitable organisation which gives unfortunate people privileges to fulfill their dream. Hermitcraft whitelisted Duke da dog, a person with a terminal illness that got to spend his time with his favourite Hermitcraft YouTubers.

Minecon, a worldwide event dedicated to Minecraft, have invited Hermitcraft to hold their own panel numerous times. They have been at Minecon 2016 event and the live events after that, with some of the Hermitcraft members on the panel. The topics were about how to run a small survival server and how to cope with server moderation. In the first Minecon they partook in, they had a live session with questions from the Hermitcraft Reddit.

Season 1

For more details, see Season 1.

This is the only season to have two worlds due to the first world being corrupted in the first week of the server.   [citation needed]

Hermits who Joined

777static777, Aureylian, BdoubleO100, Biffa2001, Brenybeast, cilantroGamer, CubeHamster, Dinnerbone, Generikb, GuudeBoulderfist, Hypnotizd, IAmSp00n, Jessassin, JoeHills, juicetra, Keralis, Kiershar, KingDaddyDMAC, Marc_IRL, monkeyfarm, Pungence, Red3yz, Shawnvmartin, Skyzm, SokarEntertainment, The Pixelnerds, Topmass, Unhost and XisumaVoid.

Season 2

For more details, see Season 2.

At the end of Season 1, the founder of Hermitcraft Generikb left the server. This left Hermitcraft without a leader, so XisumaVoid decided to step up as leader in the middle of Season 2 and invited more people. He moved all operations to a new village away from the main area.

Hermits who Left

777static777, BdoubleO100, CilantroGamer, Cubehamster, Dinnerbone, Generikb, GuudeBoulderfist, Kiershar, Marc_IRL, Shawnvmartin, SokarEntertainment and The Pixelnerds

Hermits who Joined

FalseSymmetry, iJevin, King Happy, Luclin, MumboJumbo, Sl1pg8r, Spumwack, TinFoilChef, VenomKisser, xBCrafted, ZombieCleo and Zueljin

TangoTek was whitelisted on Season 2, but he never truly joined that season. He was whitelisted by MumboJumbo as he was having problems with TangoTek's design of an iron farm. He permanently joined in Season 3.

Season 3

For more details, see Season 3.

Season 3 began on the 1.8 update and therefore introduced many features that the Hermits didn't have access to before this world. This was the only Hermitcraft world to use the 'Amplified' world type.

Hermits who Left

King Happy, Jessassin, Juicetra, Luclin, Red3yz, Spumwack and VenomKisser.

Hermits who Joined

Docm77, EthosLab, ImpulseSV, PythonGB, and TangoTek.

Many original server members left Hermitcraft after this season.

Season 4

For more details, see Season 4.

This season, five members of the Kingdomcraft server were invited   [citation needed] to play on the Hermitcraft server. The focus of the world was around a mesa, where most Hermits settled.

Hermits who Left

Hypnotizd, Keralis, KingDaddyDMAC, monkeyfarm, Pungence, Skyzm, Sl1pg8r, Topmass, XBCrafted and Zueljin.

Hermits who Joined

Cubfan135, GoodTimesWithScar, Iskall85, Rendog, VintageBeef and Welsknight

Season 5

For more details, see Season 5.

Hermits who Left


Hermits who Joined

StressMonster101 and ZedaphPlays. BdoubleO100 returned from Season 1.

Season 6

For more details, see Season 6

Season 6 has been the most popular season on record, due to the number of fans of the YouTubers who were a part of this season. It has been recognised by charities who have been centered around the server and has played parts in many large events.   [citation needed] This season is also the longest season of Hermitcraft.

Hermits who Left

Biffa2001, EthosLab, Jessassin, PythonGB, Welsknight and xBCrafted.

Hermits who Joined

Grian, Jessassin (returned from Season 3), xBCrafted (returned from Season 4), and Keralis (returned mid-season from Season 3).

Jessassin appeared twice as he joined the server for a few episodes and then left again.

Season 7

For more details, see Season 7

Season 7 is the current season of Hermitcraft. This is the only season where there have not been any brand new Hermits, but many old Hermitcraft members have returned.

Hermits who Left

As of yet, nobody has left the server this season.

Hermits who Joined

EthosLab (returned from Season 5), Hypnotizd (returned from Season 3), and VintageBeef (returned from Season 5), Welsknight (returning from a break in Season 6) and xBCrafted(returning from a break in Season 6).

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