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Hermit Land is the Season 6 Minigame District located east of Hermitville.


Hermit Land was founded by Grian in his Season 6: Episode 77. Zedaph’s “Duck!”, Cubfan135’s Ravager Run, and Iskall85’s Siege of Doom were present at the time of founding.


Game Status Creator
Dig Straight Down (DSD) Open Grian
Ravager's Run Open Cubfan135
DUCK! Open ZedaphPlays
Hide and Tag Open GoodTimesWithScar
Let it Rip! Open ImpulseSV
Siege Of Doom Open Iskall85
The Floor is Lava Open XisumaVoid
The Floor Is Lava Closed Grian
Diamond Drop Open GoodTimesWithScar
Sahara Speedy Pines Raceway Closed Rendog
Jousting Open Stressmonster101
Guess What? Open FalseSymmetry
RUN! Open Iskall85
Undying Open XisumaVoid
Escape Room Open ZombieCleo
Roller Toaster Open JoeHills
Perfection Open ImpulseSV
Summit the Spire Open Cubfan135
Quick Draw Open FalseSymmetry
Worlds Smallest

Amusement Park Ride

Open Cubfan135
Sheriffs and Bandits Closed GoodTimesWithScar
Boombox Open TangoTek
Jack-o-Maze Open Stressmonster101
Demise Dares Closed Grian
Challenge Open Cubfan135
RGB Closed ZedaphPlays


Other Structures

Jingler Stunts

  • Hermit Land Sign = Jingle Land
  • S.E (Sahara Eats) = Sandals
  • Ice = Baby Ice Ice
  • XP Me = XP Thee
  • NFD (Nuggets for Diamonds) = Newly Found Diorite
  • Undying = Nodying
  • Ravager's Run = Ravager's Fun Run
  • Speedy Pines = Speedy Vines (with vines hanging of it)
  • DSD (Dig Straight Down) = DDR
  • Guess What? = Guess Whomst?
  • Perfection = Imperfection


  • Unlike other seasons, Hermit Land wasn't added at the beginning of the season, instead being added after the 1.14 update.
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