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The old hermit challenges meeting place. It has since been updated by Iskall85 from a challenge.

Hermit Challenges is a competition between Mumbo Jumbo, Iskall85, Grian and Stressmonster101 started in Mumbo Jumbo's Season 7: Episode 2. The game is between two or more Hermits who issue each other 'challenges' to complete.

Current Members

Ritual Process

Initiation process

The Current initiation Process is springing on any campfires they see and acting out a multi-challenge on them without them knowing.


They type whatever they want, put it on chickens, and unleash them.

Hermit 'Swap Broth'

Mumbo Bumbo using the swap broth to switch his challenge with StressMonster101

In Mumbo Jumbo's Season 7: Episode 10, Mumbo reveals that you are able to switch challenges with other participants. In order to do this, you have to fill two cauldrons with water, or 'swap broth'. While sitting in those cauldrons, each person throws their challenge to the other member. This has since been retired.

Challengers Burn Sticks

Challengers burn sticks are items that you place down to let the other challenger know that you want to be challenged. The idea was first seen in Mumbo Jumbo's Season 7: Episode 11. These are actually campfires. Mumbo Jumbo tried to do this to Grian, but Grian could not get the part of what was going on, so he put a sign saying, "yes burn sticks." This led to Mumbo and Iskall to send multiple challenges to him.

Challenges Between Hermits.

Mumbo Jumbo vs Iskall85 (1)

Mumbo called Iskall85 over to the challenge. Iskall85 rang the bell after Mumbo Jumbo showed him it was safe. They both grabbed a flint and steel from the chest, then set fire to their jungle plank. They both grabbed a cookie named Sacred Biscuit from the chest and ate it at the same time. After that, Mumbo said, 'Congratulations! You're in.', surprising Iskall85 by telling him he was in the competition. They wrote four challenges for each other, then put them in the other's dispenser. Both randomly picked a challenge to be completed next episode. Mumbo Jumbo's was to tame a parrot; Iskall85's was to mine 10,000 blocks. By 2 March 2020, Iskall85 had completed his challenge to mine 10,000 blocks by making a slime farm, as an attempt to 'uno reverse card' Mumbo Jumbo. Mumbo failed to complete his challenge likely due to being distracted by attempting to create an iron farm. As a last-second workaround, Mumbo obtained a nametag, renamed it Parrot, and attached to a chicken, chaining it to challenge area to prevent it from leaving. Iskall85 was not amused when Mumbo said: "it's a fat parrot." This became the infamous charrot.

Mumbo Jumbo vs Grian

In episode 5, Mumbo Jumbo sent Grian the coordinates to the altar. He was able to trick Grian into being accepted into the challenges by simply leaving buttons and cookies out for him to find. After being inducted, Mumbo Jumbo and Grian wrote each other three challenges. Mumbo Jumbo's challenge was to 'get good lol', and Grian's was to steal front doors for the entire season. Mumbo Jumbo tricked Grian into throwing his challenge into the fire, therefore accepting it. Mumbo has since then completed his challenge and Grian continues to steal doors.

Mumbo's Offer to Iskall

In MumboJumbo's Season 7: Episode 9, he offered Iskall85 the ability to invite new members to Hermit Challenges in exchange for the gold loot from Iskall85's gold farm. Iskall85 accepted the offer and in his Episode 13, he attempted to initiate StressMonster101 into Hermit Challenges.

MumboJumbo vs Iskall85 vs StressMonster101 (1)

After Iskall85 gains the ability to add new members to Hermit Challenges, he attempts to initiate StressMonster101. After his attempt, he calls MumboJumbo to tell him he's added a new member. Upon Mumbo arriving, he tells Iskall85 that he did it completely wrong and he forgot to light the initiation fire. Once the fire was lit, StressMonster101 became an official member of hermit challenges. Once the challenges are given out, Iskall85 got the challenge to "do good deeds'; StressMonster101 initially got the challenge to 'build 10,000 blocks', and Mumbo Jumbo got the challenge to 'do a swedish themed episode'. Mumbo Jumbo shortly after uses a hermit 'swap broth' to switch his challenge with StressMonster101. They have all since completed their challenges.

Mumbo Jumbo vs Iskall85 (2)

The improved Hermit Challenges meeting place.

In Mumbo Jumbo's Episode 13, he jumped off of the top of Iskall85's tree with 4 bamboo named Hermit Challenges? Afterward, Mumbo and Iskall85 met up at the Hermit Challenges' HQ. Mumbo Jumbo suggests that instead of 5 pieces of paper in the dropper, they only put one. He then challenges Iskall85 to redecorate the Hermit Challenges area, because Mumbo Jumbo stated he was "too lazy" to redecorate it. Mumbo Jumbo challenged Iskall to 'Get gooder'. Both have completed their challenges.

Mumbo Jumbo vs Iskall85 vs StressMonster101 (2)

Mumbo Jumbo challenged StressMonster101, she challenged Iskall85, and he challenged Mumbo Jumbo. StressMonster101's challenge was to 'Run for Mayor'. Iskall85 (IskallMAN) agreed to be her campaign manager. Iskall85's was to 'Use a stack of diorite in gorgeous way'; however, he did not have to do his challenges because Mumbo Jumbo's was to 'Do iskall's challenge for him!'.

Grian's Poultry Challenges

Mumbo Jumbo noticed that Grian had placed lots of burnsticks around his base and on the barge, prompting him to ask Grian whether or not they were indeed burnsticks. An unsuspecting Grian answered yes, leading Mumbo Jumbo and Iskall85 to do a special type of challenge for him. As he'd placed many burnsticks, they decided to make him do many challenges, doing so by renaming chickens inside a massive chicken model. They are suspected to have chosen chickens because of Grian's Season 6 alter ego, Poultry Man (As revealed in Episode 110 of season 6). When Grian finally noticed it in his video, he shot a fireworks rocket at the target and triggered the redstone which released the chickens inside. To scatter them, Grian shot a trident at them, which accidentally killed one.

Grian's Uno Reverse Card

In response to The Chicken challenges of "give Mumbo and Iskall a present" Grian built a giant uno reverse card between Mumbo's and Iskall's bases. This led to many things, most notably the challenge "replace dia throne with mycelium". This caused the almost every block on the diamond throne to be replaced with mycelium (except one) and Scar to panic and think Mumbo Jumbo was the leader of The Mycelium Resistance. Mumbo built a vault under the shopping district that could be opened using scar's K.G.O.O.M.R. key. Scar had lost it, so he desperately looked through hundreds of shulker boxes to try to find it. as of October 2020, he has not found it.

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