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The now decommissioned Head Game sign-up place

Head Games was a minigame held by ZombieCleo, with the signup place being in the Season 7 Shopping District. Signups have ended on 20 March 2020. The game started at 5.00 PM, and ended on 10 April 2020.

The sign-up place has been decommissioned to make way for the new Hermiton Herald's headquarters.


The objective of the game is to bring player and mob heads. The one with the most points earned 288 diamonds. One may only obtain heads by PvP from Hermits who signed up. Every day, a random Hermit's head will be worth double points. Spider and Illager Heads are no longer allowed. Hermits can also complete 'bounties' by getting certain heads for extra points. Here are the point values of each head:

Head Point Value
First head acquired by PvP 25
First head acquired by PvP today 15
Player 10 (First), 6 (Second), 3 (Third), 1 (Subsequent Heads) [1]
Hostile Mob 1
Passive Mob 0.5
Dragon 10
Creeper, Zombie, Skeleton 10


Day-by-Day results

Week 1

Day 1 - 20 March

Joint 5th - EthosLab and JoeHills with 10 points each First Submission

4th - Grian with 69 points First Submission

3rd - Keralis with 207 points First Submission

2nd - FalseSymmetry with 215 points First Submission

1st - Cubfan135 with 417 points First Submission

Day 2 - 21 March

8th - EthosLab with 10 points (0)

7th - JoeHills with 20 points (+10)

6th - Hypnotizd with 20 points (+20) First Submission

5th - Grian with 124 points (+55)

4th - IJevin with 168 points (+168) First Submission

3rd - FalseSymmetry with 234 points (+19)

2nd - Keralis with 416 points (+109)

1st - Cubfan135 with 459 points (+42)

Day 3 - 22 March

9th - Hypnotizd with 20 points (+0)

8th - JoeHills with 45 points (+25)

7th - EthosLab with 55 points (+45)

6th - Iskall85 with 80 points (+80) First Submission

5th - Grian with 170 points (+46)

4th - IJevin with 175 points (+7)

3rd - FalseSymmetry with 234 points (0)

2nd - Cubfan135 with 459 points (0)

1st - Keralis with 466 points (+50)

Day 4 - 23 March


Results and Winners


On the day when the winners were announced, only GoodTimesWithScar and Cubfan135 arrived to hear the results along with ZombieCleo's dog. The meeting did not go without any incidents or humourous misunderstandings.


Every combatant in the Head Games received a 'Small Armour-stand Scene' Token while the winner team received a 'Large Armour-Stand" Token and the 32 diamond blocks located on the chair at The Head Games' platform.


Place Score Team Name Prize
1st place 7,724 Grian and GoodTImesWithScar 32 Diamond bks. + Large Armour Stand Scene.
2nd place 4,030 SlimePharoah Small Armour Stand Scene Token
3rd place 3,830 Team Bee Small Armour Stand Scene Token

Funny Moments

  • The only people who turned up to the announcing meeting were Cubfan135 and GoodTimesWithScar (probably because they were the top two team-winners). Thought out the meeting, a large variety of unrelated topics were discussed (pandas, dogs, how early it is, bloodshot eyes, et cetera) before finally discussing the winners.
  • As she was announcing the score for Team 'Cod Boy and Wizard Chap', ZombieCleo correctly noted that, 3 days prior to the meeting, that specific team went to overkill.


  1. The heads are per hermit; for example, if one has an XisumaVoid head and 2 iJevin heads, the XisumaVoid would be worth 10 points, the first iJevin head 10, and the second iJevin head 6. If another brought in the same heads after, the XisumaVoid head would be worth 6 points, the first iJevin head 3, and the second iJevin head 1.
  2. These winners are the top three ones, all other places are not written on this page.

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