Logo as it appears in XisumaVoid's Episode 4

Hardcore Hermits Season 2 (subtitled Gather Everything) is the second season of Hardcore Hermits, the goal is for the teams to get as many items as possible and put it into the hopper machine at spawn, each item awards the team with one point.


Team PJZ YouTube
PythonGB PythonGB YouTube Channel
JoeHills JoeHills First Episode
ZombieCleo ZombieCleoFace Playlist Webpage
Team ZIT YouTube
ZedaphPlays Zedaph First Episode
ImpulseSV ImpulseSV Playlist Webpage
TangoTek TangoTek Face Playlist Webpage
Team 2.5 Men YouTube
VintageBeef VintageBeef Playlist Webpage
Iskall85 Iskall85 First Episode
Rendog Rendog First Episode
Team Dodgy Jumper YouTube
iJevin IJevin First Episode
Biffa2001 Biffa First Episode
Welsknight Welsknight-face Playlist Webpage
Team GFX (Winners) YouTube
GoodTimesWithScar GoodTimeWithScar1 Playlist Webpage
FalseSymmetry False Playlist Webpage
XisumaVoid Xisuma Playlist Webpage


  • Seed: -8913466909937400889
  • Download Video: Link


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 Team Dodgy Jumper

1st: Biffa2001

Biffa2001 enters the nether to get Blaze Rods, he finds a spawner and gets close to it, three Blazes spawn and Biffa attacks them, he manages to take down one, he goes for the other two but gets attacked by the two at the same time, he gets down to two and a half hearts, but he manages to kill both of the remaining Blazes, right as he does, a new batch of Blazes spawn, Biffa attempts to run, but is killed by a Blaze.

2nd: Welsknight

Welsknight goes to the nether in search of new items, after a while of searching he accidentally falls into a lava lake, he isn't able to get up and dies in the lava.

Team GFX

1st: GoodTimesWithScar

In the final episode, GoodTimesWithScar attempts to get some banners, it becomes night and Scar gets attacked by mobs, he gets down to half a heart but manages to survive, he later gets attacked by a Zombie and dies.

2nd: FalseSymmetry

Near the end of the final episode, Phantoms spawn, Xisuma attempts to get Phantom Membranes from him, as he's trying this, False is attacked by Phantoms, after a couple of hits, False is killed by a Phantom.

Team PJZ

1st: PythonGB

PythonMC goes to the nether to gather resources, but on his way down he encounters two Wither Skeletons, he attempts to fight them but quickly attempts to run away, he doesn't succeed and dies.


  • In the public release, some items don't have advancements.
  • It's possible to mine the shrine if you mine under it or go to the top of it.
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