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The Grian Head Hunt is a hunt started by Grian in his Season 6: Episode 27. It lasted from 17th November 2018 to 1st December 2018 and was won by FalseSymmetry for collecting the most heads, and by Iskall85, having the coolest, and most protected vault.

Head Hunt

Grian is the newest Hermit and loves pranks, he introduced the game of tag, he also indirectly started the prank war. The goal of the head hunt is to find and store as many Grian heads as you can find.

The 3 rules Grian introduced are:   

  1. You are not allowed store the heads in any chests.                                                                                               
  2. You are not allowed to buy more heads.                                                                                                   
  3. You can steal other Grian heads if found.

Head Vaults and Participants

Headcount of the hermits:

Joehills : -40

FalseSymmetry : 272

IJevin : 100

GoodTimesWithScar : 71

Cubfan135 : 70

TinFoilChef : 110

Xisumavoid  : 70 

TangoTek : 0

Iskall85 : 47

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