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Who Took The Diamond Throne? is Grian's thirty-first episode of Season 7. It was uploaded on 27 June 2020


Grian starts off the episode by heading to the nether to choose a location for his nether base but gets distracted by a piglin bastion. After looting the bastion, Grian continues to dig a hole to expand the G-Mansion. After that, Grian heads to the shopping district to find out who won the Mayor Election, and then meets up with MumboJumbo to discuss Grumbot. Grian and MumboJumbo build a virtual reality world for Grumbot where MumboJumbo wins the Mayor Election.

Video Description

Grian is in the nether with his new netherite and chooses a place for his base. Today we find out who won the diamond throne.

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