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GREAT GRIAN GOODIES is Grian's twelfth episode of Season 7. It was uploaded on 4 April 2020.


Grian starts working on a shop at the Shopping District. He buys a small plot and builds a tiny ship/raft. He proudly calls this shop 'HMS GGG, Great Grian Goodies' (Later renamed The Grian Emporium). He starts adding more to the shop. Adding lanterns and making the shop have a good theme like most of the other shops in the Shopping District.

Meanwhile, Grian takes time to sort out his mansion. Clearing most of the stone and grass around the area. At the headhunt board, Grian notices that GoodTimesWithScar's bounty is a lot higher. He gets into a fight with GoodTimesWithScar and they both decide to take each other's heads.

Grian goes back to his shop and adds more adjustments to make the raft more like a ship.


Grian starts from the bottom, selling his wares on the hermitcraft server but finds it to be a quick success

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