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Grian is a Hermit and a YouTuber with 5,660,000 subscribers[1]. He joined Hermitcraft at the start of Season 6, being the most recent person to join the server.

Season 6

During Season 6, Grian was part of a group called Architech alongside MumboJumbo and Iskall85. Throughout the season, he entertained the other Hermits with many games: Tag, the Grian Head Hunt, Hot Potato, and Demise.

Grian's Base

In Hermitcraft Season 6, Grian's first season of Hermitcraft, he lived in the middle of the ocean near Mumbo's storage system. He built his starter base by transforming a shipwreck into a Ship in a Bottle. He also built Squidward's House in order to power his conduit. Grian's main base was built next to the Ship above the water. It was a multi-layered tower, with each layer becoming smaller. The first layer was Grian's working area. He also built a meeting room with completely white walls, ceiling and floor (named the "Infinity Room") for the Architechs, a group he founded. Other features included the room devoted to taking away Mumbo's moustache, a flowery nature area, and a large ring marking.


Grian created and participated in many games during Season 6. He first created the game known as Tag, which was a big deal early-season. However, the tag game eventually ended due to the Prank War and due to GoodTimesWithScar getting horribly ill while he was 'it'.

Grian also created the Grian Head Hunt, where he hid many Grian heads around the server. The aim for the other Hermits was to collect as many heads as possible during November 2018, with a hidden criterion of creating the best vault. This minigame was won by FalseSymmetry due to the many heads she collected but followed closely by Iskall85 due to his impressive vault and the creativity of using a chorus fruit to get in.

He also participated in the Hermitville Build-Off, a build battle to see who could build the tallest house in Hermitville. His contribution involved building a wooden house made of many different rooms. While doing this, he also retaliated against the shenanigans of Iskall and GoodTimesWithScar, and made an attempt to block MumboJumbo's rocket from launching. Towards the end of the Build-Off, he also built a dragon on top of his house.

One of Grian’s other game creations was Hot Potato, a game in which players pass around a Hot Potato which also had a rulebook that detailed what the caught player was required to do in the next episode. If the Hot Potato was successfully placed in the player’s inventory without them noticing, they had to do the punishment. If the player placing the hot potato was caught, they were required do the punishment they detailed in the book.

In Episode 93 - NEW HERMITCRAFT GAME, Grian created Demise, a game in which the last person to die is the winner. Demise started in his next episode, though it took some pushing to kill Rendog and StressMonster101. In the midst of all this, StressMonster101 set up a trap to dispense a dragon head on Grian with curse of binding, but Grian was wearing a helmet, so it didn't work. When he noticed Iskall85 wasn't wearing one, he tricked him into pressing the button, saying the dispensers gave "gifts". Iskall85 later got revenge on Grian with a dragon head right back. Instead of being rivals in the game, they decided to create the Dragon Bros, consisting of them, BdoubleO100, MumboJumbo, and FalseSymmetry.

Afterwards, the pace picked up as many Hermits were killed by traps until Grian became ninth to demise in Episode 102 - The Story of my Demise. Grian went on to kill an already dead Keralis and Docm77, the last to demise. Earlier in the season, Grian and Iskall85 made a pact to split the diamonds if one of them won, so Grian got half of the diamonds for himself after Iskall85 won. Iskall85 also gave MumboJumbo some diamonds as he was partly responsible for his demise. Later, Iskall85 realised he hadn't died in a long time, so he auctioned off his death. Grian and ImpulseSV collaborated on a theatrical story/redstone combination that killed Iskall85 with diorite, marking the end of Demise.

The Civil War

Grian had a large part in the beginnings of The Season 6 Prank War and was the leader the G-Team, named because allegedly everyone on the team had a 'G' in their name. Grian designed the G-Team base himself, though he did not do the redstone for it. He recruited MumboJumbo to spy on Team Star as a mole, which Mumbo did to arguable success until he was discovered. Grian also proposed the capture-the-flag system for the war, and personally won the war in the last second for the G-Team.


Grian had many skins that were often never used. Some shown included Christmas Grian, Hippie Grian, the "Mumbo for Mayor" skin, and Janitor Grian. Rendog sometimes asked for help with a new one. One that stuck around was Sherlock Grian, for his detective agency.

Poultry Man

In Grian's Season 6 Episode 110, he admitted that he was Poultry Man, which was a mysterious figure all season in a chicken head and leather armour, throwing eggs everywhere.

Salmon Ghost

Salmon ghost was a Hermit with an invisibility potion and a salmon head that appeared in the background when people were recording. In Grian's Season 6 Episode 110, he also admitted that he was the Salmon Ghost.

Season Ending

Grian announced the last episode of Season 6 in Season 6: Episode 109, saying the season would end the next episode. During his Season 6: Episode 110 he shot a rocket through the hole in his base, going out in style; he had been saying he didn't have much to do anymore. As he left, he said that he had put together a compilation of his favourite moments from each episode. It took up about half of his hour-long episode.

Grian's Season 6 Episodes [ View List ]
Thumbnail Title Date Published
1 GrianS6E1 I JOINED HERMITCRAFT. 19 July 2018 More info ⟶
2 GrianS6E2 SHIPWRECK IN A BOTTLE 25 July 2018 More info ⟶
3 GrianS6E3 CONDUITS AND ANTICS 28 July 2018 More info ⟶
4 GrianS6e4 PROJECTS & PRANKS. 2 August 2018 More info ⟶
5 [[File:|150px|link=Grian's Season 6: Episode 5|Video Thumbnail]] FLYING & DIVING 6 August 2018 More info ⟶
6 [[File:|150px|link=Grian's Season 6: Episode 6|Video Thumbnail]] THE BASE BEGINS! 11 August 2018 More info ⟶
6 GrianS7E06 BUILDING MY BASE! 17 March 2020 More info ⟶
7 [[File:|150px|link=Grian's Season 6: Episode 7|Video Thumbnail]] IN A PICKLE! 17 August 2018 More info ⟶
8 [[File:|150px|link=Grian's Season 6: Epsiode 8|Video Thumbnail]] PRANKED AND PROGRESS! 22 August 2018 More info ⟶
9 [[File:|150px|link=Grian's Season 6: Episode 9|Video Thumbnail]] SHOPS & SERVICES 30 August 2018 More info ⟶
10 [[File:|150px|link=Grian's Season 6: Episode 10|Video Thumbnail]] GUINEA PIG GRIAN 3 September 2018 More info ⟶

Season 7

Grian's Base

In season 7, Grian created a "hobbit hole" starter base (not unlike MumboJumbo's base) with round windows and doors using slabs and stairs. He has a future place for some kind of secret area behind his base in the form of a large hollow in the mountain directly behind his base. He announced that he does have ideas for this place. He has built a cactus farm and plans to make a mob farm. He has connected his base to MumboJumbo's base to give away diamond armour, but decided to prank MumboJumbo as well. Grian has also worked on a large manor overlooking the jungle which will be his main base for the season. To challenge himself, Grian is using two block diagonals in his build. His design is built with 1.16 blocks in mind.


He made a prank for GoodTimeswithScar using lots of water and a zombie spawner, which he has now converted into a small XP farm. He also added MumboJumbo's mustache to GoodTimesWithScar's snail/starter base. Grian has also dropped minecarts with chests through the top of MumboJumbo's starter base after creating a minecart link between their bases; originally this was a prank, but it has since been used as a communication system between the two.

The Door Thief

In his Season 7: Episode 4, Grian went to investigate a sapling with coordinates written on it sent to him by MumboJumbo. He found Hermit Challenges, but did not know what it was. After accidentally initiating himself, MumboJumbo dropped out of a tree and announced Grian was in. They wrote their challenges and Grian, not knowing what to do, challenged MumboJumbo to 'get good lol'. Grian was challenged by MumboJumbo to collect other Hermits' doors for the rest of the season. Though he initially seemed hesitant, Grian repeatedly stole the doors of many hermits, particularly GoodTimesWithScar.

Tag 2: Electric Boogaloo

In his Season 7: Episode 7, Grian started a new game called Tag 2: Electric Boogaloo. The objective of the game is to hold on to the tag for a total of fifty hours in-game. PVP, bribing, and traps are allowed. Grian got fifteen hours of play time in before Iskall85 blew him up with a trap utilizing Grian and MumboJumbo's minecart communication system.

Head Games

Grian joined the Head Games started by ZombieCleo, and was making slow progress until he teamed up with GoodTimesWithScar. Together, they planned Operation Fire-lightning and quickly took first. In Season 7: Episode 7 , they bred a bunch of villagers, then killed them all, resulting in a bunch of heads. Grian and GoodTimesWithScar ended up winning the Head Games and split the diamond blocks. Grian participated in the Arena ending and took the first kill for 1000 points, but nothing more. However, this was enough, and the two gained 16 diamond blocks each as well as a large armour stand creation.

The Button

When MumboJumbo built The Button, Grian swore to gather all of the colours. He destroyed several of the structures built around The Button, but left Docm77's throne because he thought it was cool. He had all the colours as of episode 22, and had promised to take 50% off of the server lag. Grian put all his belts in an infinity-like gauntlet on his skin's right arm, and after getting all of them, he snapped to 'make all the doors disappear'. When the button died, Grian removed his gauntlet.

The Mayoral Election

Grian started the mayoral election by deciding that the diamond pile in the Shopping District should be used for something. So, he put up a ton of "Mumbo for Mayor" posters. He then recruited GoodTimesWithScar and Bdouble0100 to build a town hall. GoodTimesWithScar did the terraforming, BdoubleO100 did the interior, and Grian made the exterior. Grian then proceeded to vote for GoodTimesWithScar even though he was the MumboJumbo campaign manager. There were no hard feelings, because MumboJumbo also voted for GoodTimesWithScar.

Grian's Season 7 Episodes [ View List ]
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Grian ep 30 BIG ARMOUR UPGRADES! 23 June 2020 More info ⟶
Grian ep 31 Who Took The Diamond Throne? 27 June 2020 More info ⟶
1 GrianS7E1 HERE WE GO! 29 February 2020 More info ⟶
2 GrianS7E02 THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE! 3 March 2020 More info ⟶
3 GrianS7E03 MESSAGES TO MUMBO 7 March 2020 More info ⟶
4 Grian Season 7 Episode 4 HERMIT... CHALLENGES? 11 March 2020 More info ⟶
5 Grian Season 7 Episode 5-0 TIME TO FLY! 14 March 2020 More info ⟶
6 GrianS7E06 BUILDING MY BASE! 17 March 2020 More info ⟶
7 GrianS7E07 TAG 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO 20 March 2020 More info ⟶
8 GrianS7E08 BIG BASE BUILDS 22 March 2020 More info ⟶
9 GrianS7E09 BASE PROGRESS & TAG LOST 25 March 2020 More info ⟶
10 GrianS7e10 THE HERMIT HERO 28 March 2020 More info ⟶
11 GrianS7E11 THE GRIAN MANSION 1 April 2020 More info ⟶
12 GGG GREAT GRIAN GOODIES 4 April 2020 More info ⟶
13 GrianS7E13 THE FRONT IS DONE! 9 April 2020 More info ⟶
14 GrianS7E14 GRIAN'S SECRET PLAN! 12 April 2020 More info ⟶
15 GrianS7E15 MEGA MANSION PROGRESS 21 April 2020 More info ⟶
16 GrianS7E16 PESKY BIRD DELIVERY 24 April 2020 More info ⟶
17 GrianS7E17 GRIAN'S NEW LOOK 26 April 2020 More info ⟶
18 GrianS7E18 WE NEED LEADERSHIP! 30 April 2020 More info ⟶
19 GrianS7E19 THE DIAMOND THRONE 3 May 2020 More info ⟶
20 GrianS7E20 THE ITEM SORTER 9 May 2020 More info ⟶
21 GrianS7E21 BIG INTERIOR BUILD! 16 May 2020 More info ⟶
22 Grain-S7E22-1 BUILDING THE GRUMBOT! 20 May 2020 More info ⟶
23 GrianS7E23 BIG BARGE BUILDS! 25 May 2020 More info ⟶
24 GrianS7E24 DIAMOND MINING CHALLENGE! 27 May 2020 More info ⟶
25 GrianS7E25 MAPPING OUT THE JUNGLE! 31 May 2020 More info ⟶
26 GrianS7E26 The GRUMBOT Shop 6 June 2020 More info ⟶
27 GrianS7E27thumb THE MANSION EXPANSION! 9 June 2020 More info ⟶
28 GrianS7E28thumb THE BARGE UPGRADE! 17 June 2020 More info ⟶
29 GrianS7E29thumb EXPANDING DOWNWARDS! 20 June 2020 More info ⟶
32 Grian ep 32 Mansion Portal Problems 7 July 2020 More info ⟶
33 Grian ep 33 The Upside Down Mansion 13 July 2020 More info ⟶
34 Grian Se7Ep34 Upside Down Invitations! More info ⟶
35 [[File:|150px|link=Grian's Season 7: Episode 35|Video Thumbnail]] THE NETHERITE KING 28 July 2020 More info ⟶

Before Hermitcraft

Grian is known for creating building tutorial videos on YouTube. He is also known for having participated in the Minecraft Evolution (or EVO) server for 51 episodes, his now second-longest running series after Hermitcraft Season 6. Grian's channel exploded quickly, and was one of the fastest-growing channels on YouTube for a short while, after uploading the video, "5 Easy Steps To Improve Your Minecraft House". Many of his tutorials focus on how to improve existing builds and often focus on how to improve building skills in specific areas, such as building pillars, towers, roofs, and rustic houses, a subject which has become something of a running joke on the channel. He is the creator of TNT Run, which is now a popular minigame used in multiplayer minigame servers such as Hypixel. He also created the popular minigame "Build Swap". His most viewed video is '50 Ways To Mess With Your Friends In Minecraft' with 43,415,543 views as of 20 May 2020. He also did a series called 'Building Your Comments', in which he built things the viewers suggested in the comments.

Outside of Hermitcraft

Grian sometimes does build tutorials and build swaps. He has two cats, Maui and Pearl. He is also a co-owner of Wynncraft, the Minecraft MMORPG, along with Salted and Jumla. He recently participated in the 7th monthly Minecraft Championship.


Grian is known for singing many small tunes in his episodes of Hermitcraft that are often remixed by Elybeatmaker, a popular hermitcraft remixer. He sang Mumbo Jumbo You Are AFK, More Doors For Me, We Are The Drowned, Guinea Pig Dance, and Pickles On The Seafloor. Jono Smithers also sang “Work”, which Grian (probably) remixed.


Grian has changed his outfits several times throughout Hermitcraft, with a large variety of them being different suits and outfits for special occasions.

Skin Image Season Episode
Guinea Pig Grian
Suit and Tie Grian
Hunchback Grian
Hunchback Grian
6 103
Upside Down Grian 6 103
Wide Grian
6 103
Janitor Grian
7 16
Referee Grian
7 12
Campaign Supporter Grian

Episode List

Seasons Episodes First uploaded Last uploaded
6 110 19 July 2018 23 February 2020
7 35 29 February 2020

Minecraft skin




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