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GoodTimesWithScar, also known as Scar for short, is a YouTuber with over 1,420,000 subscribers[1], and over 238,000 followers on Twitch .

GoodTimesWithScar is known for being a landscape builder, working hard to create many large and artistic builds such as a giant tree being rained upon or the Pirate Island he formed around his Season 6 base. He is known as an excellent terraformer among the Hermits. He is also known for his love of his cat, Jellie, who has been added as a skin for cats in the 1.14 Java Edition update. His timelapse music that he calls "super fast build mode", is also iconic within the community.

GoodTimesWithScar has a neuromuscular disease that results in him using a wheelchair as a mobility aid. He also requires external oxygen to breathe.

GoodTimesWithScar is known to have a bubbly, bouncy, and optimistic personality.

Season 4

On February 25, 2016, GoodTimesWithScar uploaded his first video on the Hermitcraft Season 4 server, entitled 'Minecraft 1.9: Getting My Survival Tent House Started (Hermitcraft Season 4 - Ep.1)'. He went on to make a total of 86 videos on the server - mostly of him constructing his Wild West outpost base - before moving on to Hermitcraft Season 5. In episode 1, he showed another Hermit's clip (he was in the hospital at the time) of the server launch on a deserted island. The Hermits then swam to a huge mesa biome, which was where most of the builds were going to be. After the clip ended, GoodTimesWithScar proceeded to construct a tent out of colored terracotta on one of the mesa's plateaus and put chests and a bed inside. The next few videos consisted of him building two more tents and a Wild West-style wagon facing a campfire in the center and him terraforming the area with trees and bushes.

He built the courthouse and was the honorable judge for the State vs the Collaboration.

GoodTimesWithScar's Season 4 Episodes [ View List ]
Thumbnail Title Date Published
18 Video Thumbnail Crazy Silverfish Attack and Ender Dragon Fight April 20, 2016 More info ⟶
19 Video Thumbnail Minecart Bridge Build For A Mineshaft Tower - part 3 Apr 24, 2016 More info ⟶
20 Video Thumbnail Automatic Minecart Station And Cat Village Prank Recap May 1, 2016 More info ⟶
21 Video Thumbnail Wither Fight Gone Horribly Wrong And New Bridge Build May 5, 2016 More info ⟶
22 Video Thumbnail Landscaping Design For Tango's Castle Keep May 8, 2016 More info ⟶
23 Video Thumbnail New Storage Room Design For My Survival Base May 11, 2016 More info ⟶
24 Video Thumbnail World Tour With CubFan! June 15, 2016 More info ⟶
25 Video Thumbnail Starting The Massive Courthouse Build And Diamonds! June 21, 2016 More info ⟶
26 Video Thumbnail Building The Structure Of The Courthouse And A Shopping Spree June 23, 2016 More info ⟶

Season 5

Starter Base

GoodTimesWithScar built his starter base in the side of a hill calling it a "hobbit hole" a type of architecture from J.R.R Tolkin's The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. GoodTimesWithScar struggled building the base when he was attacked by a group of zombies while dealing with lag and totaled a personal record of 16+ unintentional deaths in one episode.

Hermit City

GoodTimesWithScar was in charge of teraforming the over 200,000 block dome build site of the underground city which would be the Shopping District.


A post apocalyptic city after a global natural disaster.


For more details, see ConCorp

He formed the ConVex with Cubfan135. GoodTimesWithScar also created the entire underground district, along with the community portal, his main base, HermitCraft Season 5: Things Go Horribly Wrong While Planning My Base City, and the NCDF (The National Cat Defense Force). He also commissioned MumboJumbo to build a large piston door for the NCDF, and paid him with an IOU, which MumboJumbo would use in the next season of Hermitcraft.

300,000 YouTube Subscribers Special Firework Show for his Fans

GoodTimesWithScar went out of his way to kill creepers to create a special firework display dedicated to the fans as he thanked them for their support for reaching a 300,000 YouTube subscribers milestone at the beginning of Episode 9 HermitCraft Season 5: Massive Progress On Hermit City! (Minecraft 1.12).

GoodTimesWithScar's Season 5 Episodes [ View List ]

Season 6


Starter Base

GoodTimesWithScar's base was situated on a set of islands off the coast of the pirate district.

Main Base

The main island, which he began to call "Scarassic Island" later in the season, was a heavily terraformed island made to look volcanically active and inhabited by pirates. The island featured a giant volcano connected to an almost separate island featuring many spires and cliffs off the side. This half of the island had pirate residences built into the cliffs and in a cavern going through the island. In the back was a pirate ship. His other notable islands included Black Sands Island, which featured his base's main Nether portal. He also had an island with an ancient ruin that the pirates were stealing gold from.


For more details, see ConCorp.

He was still part of the ConVex, now ConCorp. Due to his many business ventures, both in ConCorp and in other stores, he became the richest Hermit during this season.


For more details, see Demise.

He placed 14th in Demise and built a gym in the Halloween District. He built the massive floating island in the Halloween district, where the Demise HQ was situated.

Area 77

For more details, see Area 77.

GoodTimesWithScar contributed some incredible cliffs, among other things, to Area 77 with Docm77. He was also known as Captain Angry Eyes with his own headquarters and office.

GoodTimesWithScar's Season 6 Episodes [ View List ]
Thumbnail Title Date Published
1 Video Thumbnail Secret Pirate Cave Base! July 19, 2018 More info ⟶

Season 7

In Season 7, GoodTimesWithScar became a wizard due to the infinity portal (built in Season 6), which took him to the season. He built a large snail, called Larry, as a starter base. This base is in the southwestern jungle that he shares with multiple other Hermits, including Grian and MumboJumbo. On the first day, Grian pranked GoodTimesWithScar with a zombie spawner that led to his base. GoodTimesWithScar's nether portal has a dark magic feel with stone highlights, or in his words, "A mix of this Sith temple I saw in Star Wars Rebels, and Stonehenge."

GoodTimesWithScar also dies quite often and sometimes loses most of his stuff. He gets the enchantments back at Keralis' store Lookie Lookie at my Bookie.


Starter Base

For more details, see Larry.

GoodTimesWithScar's starter base is a snail, which he nicknamed Larry. He also developed a large fantasy-style elven village also known as the Magical Village around Larry. The village included houses in the trees connected by walkways, and a beautiful fountain and also a super smelter built by MumboJumbo.

Main Base

For more details, see ScarX

GoodTimesWithScar put his robes aside to start work on a new project: a driller named Big Bud and a giant hole to the 1.16 nether and a part of ScarX. This section will be added to as GoodTimesWithScar's base matures. Sadly, 1.16 came before he could finish his hole to the Nether Update, because of health issues of his own and of his cat Jellie. He has said that his control center looks like a toilet. However, after the events of HCBBS, Scar obtained the deed for MumboJumbo's Ancient Monument, first implied by his response to MumboJumbo telling Scar in his Season 7 Episode 72 "I own you Scar", to which Scar replied "I own you now too!".

The Head Games

For more details, see Head Games.

He and Grian teamed up for the Head Games, because he had a few hundred points worth of Ender Dragon heads. Together, they made Operation 'Fire Lightning', where they bred many villagers and killed them all, due to villager heads having a 100% drop rate. Grian and GoodTimesWithScar eventually won the Head Games, and GoodTimesWithScar got 16 diamond blocks, which Grian gave to him via a beard on Larry.

Mayoral Campaign

For more details, see The Mayor Election.

GoodTimesWithScar initially ran for mayor because BdoubleO100 pressured him to, with GoodTimesWithScar as candidate and BdoubleO100 as campaign sergeant/lieutenant/captain. His slogan was "A tree and a cat for everyone." He has been elected mayor and has removed all the mycelium from the shopping district. He also had a road building competition. His office is situated in the Town Hall, and has Jellie on his chair, a portrait of MumboJumbo, and a surviving sapling. There is also an armour-stand version of Cubfan135 spying on him through the skylight.

The Upside Down

For more details, see The Upside Down.

GoodTimesWithScar drilled a hole into the nether and (accidentally) dug right through Grian's tunnel to The Upside Down. He has created a research dig site of sorts and is "excavating The Nether". His main base in the Upside-Down is his maneuverable drill (Big Bud) upside-down, near his larger drill that is breaking through the roof. He also built a large conveyor belt taking ancient debris and nether quartz to the Overworld. Mechanical robots are scattered around the place to add a bit of life. He has made a shop called Ghast Busters which offers Ghast defense and repairs and also has the Ghostbusters vehicle flying out.

The Season 7 Turf War

For more details, see Hermitcraft Season 7 Turf War.

After Grian started the Mycelium Resistance, GoodTimesWithScar decided to reform HEP, also know as Hermitcraft Environmental Protection (pronounced "hip" by GoodTimesWithScar) to fight the mycelium. When GoodTimesWithScar's diamond throne was stolen he decided to declare war and started recruiting people. GoodTimesWithScar has created a HEP headquarters, and a warehouse to destroy the mycelium. He also built a huge HEP laser to excavate the ground to find the Mycelium Resistance. GoodTimesWithScar, BdoubleO100 and MumboJumbo officially blasted their way into the Mycelium Resistance which was underneath Monster's Brew. The members of HEP include

Sewer Community

For more details, see Sewer Community.

GoodTimesWithScar is a member of the secret society Sewer Community. The current location of headquarters is just below the office. Also known as the Sewer cats. GoodTimesWithScar created a catchy theme song for the sewer cats.


"We are the sewer cats

cats of the deep dark underworld

we roam the overworld at night

and strike fear in the hearts of the big eyed crafters above

We sleep where we want and take what we please

we are the sewer cats sewer cats

cats of the deep dark underworld."

Hermitcraft Big Base Swap

For more details, see Hermitcraft Big Base Swap, MumboJumbo and The Button.

GoodTimesWithScar received the deed to MumboJumbo's base during episode GoodTimesWithScar's Season 7: Episode 54 A "mysterious" object similar to The Button appeared in the trading district. The object in the trading district had a countdown when it went to zero it exploded. After the object exploded it was revealed to be the Hermitcraft Big Base Swap. Who ever owned the deed with a name of a hermit on it "owned" their base but GoodTimesWithScar currently *spoiler*. It is currently a still ongoing event of Season 7.

Aqua Town

For more details, see Season 7 Aqua Town.

Aqua Town is a project started by GoodTimesWithScar. It is meant to act as an extension of the shopping district and follows a 1920's - 1950's New York City style.

GoodTimesWithScar's Season 7 Episodes [ View List ]
Thumbnail Title Date Published
1 Video Thumbnail Very Unusual STARTER House! February 28, 2020 More info ⟶
2 Video Thumbnail The Magic Clock PRANK! March 4, 2020 More info ⟶
3 Video Thumbnail Let's Get RICH! March 8, 2020 More info ⟶
4 Video Thumbnail Pumpkin BROS Adventure! March 12, 2020 More info ⟶
5 Video Thumbnail Save Me GMAN! March 17, 2020 More info ⟶
6 Video Thumbnail The Chest Monster SHOP! March 22, 2020 More info ⟶
7 Video Thumbnail 64 DIAMOND BLOCK Purchase! March 26, 2020 More info ⟶
8 Video Thumbnail The Magic HEAD Remover April 1, 2020 More info ⟶
9 Video Thumbnail Invasion Of The CAT VILLAGERS! April 5, 2020 More info ⟶
10 Video Thumbnail Revealing The SECRET HEAD Operation! April 12, 2020 More info ⟶
11 Video Thumbnail The Misfit Magical CREATURES! April 16, 2020 More info ⟶
12 Video Thumbnail My CRAZIEST Shop Yet & The Button! April 20, 2020 More info ⟶
13 Video Thumbnail The Cult Of The GREEN BUTTON! April 26, 2020 More info ⟶
14 Video Thumbnail First Massive LANDSCAPING Project! April 30, 2020 More info ⟶
15 Video Thumbnail Massive Jungle EXPANSION! May 6, 2020 More info ⟶
16 Video Thumbnail Scar For MAYOR?! May 12, 2020 More info ⟶
18 Video Thumbnail Scar For MAYOR Headquarters! May 19, 2020 More info ⟶
19 Video Thumbnail Starting My SECRET MEGA Base! May 25, 2020 More info ⟶
20 Video Thumbnail The MEGA BIG DIG May 29, 2020 More info ⟶
21 Video Thumbnail The Craziest GRIND EVER! June 20, 2020 More info ⟶
22 Video Thumbnail Massive Progress On The BIG DIG! June 23, 2020 More info ⟶
23 Video Thumbnail The DIAMOND THRONE is Mine! June 27, 2020 More info ⟶
24 Video Thumbnail MEGA DRILL To The Nether! July 22, 2020 More info ⟶
25 Video Thumbnail This DIDN'T GO To Plan! August 3, 2020 More info ⟶
26 Video Thumbnail MEGA Shopping District Transformation! August 9, 2020 More info ⟶
27 Video Thumbnail Accepting the UPSIDE-DOWN Invitation! August 18, 2020 More info ⟶
28 Video Thumbnail Welcome To The UPSIDE-DOWN! August 29, 2020 More info ⟶
29 Video Thumbnail The Mycelium Resistance?!?! September 3, 2020 More info ⟶
30 Video Thumbnail The Upside Down GhastBusters SHOP! September 9, 2020 More info ⟶
31 Video Thumbnail The MAYOR IS BACK! September 24, 2020 More info ⟶
32 Video Thumbnail MEGA Episode!! October 4, 2020 More info ⟶
33 Video Thumbnail Creating The ANTI-MYCELIUM RESISTANCE! October 9, 2020 More info ⟶
34 Video Thumbnail Who WON The Road Building Competition?? October 15, 2020 More info ⟶
35 Video Thumbnail The DIAMONDS ARE BACK! October 18, 2020 More info ⟶
36 Video Thumbnail I SAVED HERMITCRAFT! October 22, 2020 More info ⟶
37 Video Thumbnail MEGA Factory Build! October 27, 2020 More info ⟶
38 Video Thumbnail WE FOUND The Mycelium Resistance HQ! October 30, 2020 More info ⟶
39 Video Thumbnail H.E.P's New SECRET PLAN! November 6, 2020 More info ⟶
40 Video Thumbnail MY MEGA Laser! November 11, 2020 More info ⟶
41 Video Thumbnail We Found The RESISTANCE BASE! November 14, 2020 More info ⟶
42 Video Thumbnail My Aqua Town MEGA PROJECT! November 21 2020 More info ⟶
43 Video Thumbnail Grian's ULTIMATE Barge Quest! November 25 2020 More info ⟶
44 Video Thumbnail My First MASSIVE Build In Aqua Town! December 1 2020 More info ⟶
45 Video Thumbnail Trying Something NEW! December 5 2020 More info ⟶
46 Video Thumbnail The Ultimate GRASS Vs MYCELIUM Showdown! December 10 2020 More info ⟶
47 Video Thumbnail Building My WORST NIGHTMARE! December 16 2020 More info ⟶
48 Video Thumbnail Turf War WINNER? December 20 2020 More info ⟶
49 Video Thumbnail My MEGA Christmas Surprise! December 24 2020 More info ⟶
50 Video Thumbnail SHADERS WORLD Tour! January 2 2021 More info ⟶
51 Video Thumbnail Aquatown's New NETHERITE Shop! January 17 2021 More info ⟶
52 Video Thumbnail Lost Diamonds And a NEW SHOP! January 27 2021 More info ⟶
53 Video Thumbnail Finishing My MEGABASE! February 8 2021 More info ⟶
54 Video Thumbnail I Have Competition NOW! February 14 2021 More info ⟶
55 Video Thumbnail MY NEW BASE! February 19 2021 More info ⟶
56 Video Thumbnail Transforming Mumbo's Old Base! February 26 2021 More info ⟶
57 Video Thumbnail MEGA OFFICE UPGRADE! March 11 2021 More info ⟶
58 Video Thumbnail TOO MUCH HAPPENED! March 21 2021 More info ⟶
59 Video Thumbnail Selling Aqua Town! March 28 2021 More info ⟶
60 Video Thumbnail The MUSCLE Of Aqua Town!? April 4 2021 More info ⟶
61 Video Thumbnail Free Stuff! April 30 2021 More info ⟶
62 Video Thumbnail Last Chance & BARGE SWEEP! May 10 2021 More info ⟶
63 Video Thumbnail End Of The Games! May 16, 2021 More info ⟶


GoodTimesWithScar was previously a swimmer, but when he was 18 years old, he was diagnosed with an unknown neuromuscular disease that weakens his muscles. This results in him using a wheelchair. His disease has weakened his diaphragm, which makes it harder to breathe, and requires him to breathe with external oxygen. Due to his weakened muscular system, he also requires a feeding tube and goes to the hospital regularly. His family is very supportive of his illness and his brother has traveled with him to events to help with his care, such as Minecon. GoodTimesWithScar has also attended Minefaire 2018 in California.

GoodTimesWithScar has dyslexia, which often leads to humorous mishaps on the Hermitcraft server.


  • He is a deep cut fan of the Star Wars & Star Trek franchises.
  • He is a fan of the Red Redemption games.
  • He's recent favorite Star Wars character is Grogu, also known as Baby Yoda from the Disney+ original The Mandalorian.
  • He and Grian are extremely good friends despite being opposing forces in many storylines.
  • He has a still on going trend of doing futuristic and fantasy themed builds.
  • He has admitted, that he is not very good at PvP (Player verses player combat).
  • He sometimes refers creepers as "Bob the building inspector".
  • He is a traditional artist with oil paints as his favorite medium.
  • His favorite museum is the Disney Family Museum in California.

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  1. Last updated February, 2021
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