Generikb was the original founder of the Hermitcraft server. After leaving, he was succeeded by XisumaVoid. He was also part of the B-Team along with BdoubleO100. He has only participated in Season 1. He is not on the server anymore. He made a total of 93 episodes on the Hermitcraft server.

Season 1

Generikb is one of the members of the team comprising of Biffa2001, Hypnotizd, TopMass and XisumaVoid that killed the Season 1 Ender Dragon. His base in Season 1 had many traps and codes to enter which caused many Hermits to make videos on trying to get in.

Notable Series

Minecraft Skins


Episode List

Seasons Episodes First Uploaded Last Uploaded
1 93 13 April 2012 20 April 2013



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